Zune.jpgAccording to Slashdot, Microsoft said it would be turning off the PlaysForSure DRM servers used to authorize playback of music purchased from the now-defunct MSN Music store. That means that anyone who bought music via the service can no longer transfer that music off the computers it’s currently authorized for.

The restriction also means that customers can no longer upgrade a computer, say, from Windows XP to Windows Vista, since that requires re-establishing the license keys for the music on that machine.

Score another win for broken “copy protection,” and for honest consumers getting the short end of the stick. The servers are scheduled to go down permanently on August 31st, 2008.

Microsoft is still trying to gain traction with its new Zune service and associated Zune Marketplace, which uses a completely different DRM scheme that’s not compatible with the above PlaysForSure. That’s aside from the DRM-free tracks, which make up about 30% of the offerings. Anyone want to buy some good old CDs yet?