Millennials Exchange Privacy for Relevant Ads [Infographic]

IGD Research recently asked tech savvy decision-makers how they felt about data targeting and online privacy. Millennials are the least likely generation to opt-out of ads, and a majority of them don’t mind giving up their personal data as long as companies are delivering information that interests them. In fact, over 40 percent of millennials notice and appreciate companies that know how to target them with relevant offers.

The IGD study is in line with previous surveys finding that while a majority of millennials believe it’s wrong for companies to have access to their personal information (70 percent nearly a year ago to 90 percent today), they are willing to reconsider if it means getting something in return (25 percent last year to 67 percent today).

The contradiction has led millennials’ older peers to wonder if millennials are confused about what online privacy means. It could be true, however, that millennials simply care less about privacy than previous generations and that their attitudes reflect a shift in today’s online reality.


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