While the buzz over here about iPad is building to a frenzy, they’re got other ideas in Germany. We reported a little while ago about the WePad, a German-engineered tablet device that does a lot of what the iPad does and some other stuff. Well, now Germany publisher periodical Gruner + Jahr is endorsing the WePad and paying the iPad no mind.

TFTS reports on the recent Gruner + Jahr press event at which the company tooted WePad’s horn. But here’s the most juicy tidbit, about Random House:

An interesting (and unreported) note–Random House is the only of the “Big Six” book publishers who hasn’t signed a deal to put their books on the iPad, citing Apple’s control over the book store. Random House is owned by Bertelsmann, and Bertelsmann also owns a majority stake in G+J. Definitely not a coincidence.

Ooh! These tablet computers are making enemies of everyone.