Morning Joe Adds Web Chats To

chat_1-28.bmpMSNBC’s Morning Joe is dabbling in “Cheeto Brigade” territory, with the addition today of web chats with guests after the program.

Today’s web chat was with author John Grisham, using CoverItLive technology (which we’ve used for live blogs and live chats at TVNewser for awhile).

The web chat this morning was cut short because of some firewall technical issues, but Grisham got a couple answers in before it went down. “I spend a lot of time reading about lawyers, trials, litigation, etc., and so the material is unlimited,” he said.

We hear there will be more web chats coming up, including with the program’s hosts and guests.

“Morning Joe” launched a new Website earlier this month.

As “Morning Joe”‘s web presence expands, CoverItLive is expanding as well. The company announced today its current investor, Flagstone Capital, is increasing its investment, and Paul Kedrosky, a CNBC analyst and Senior Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, has been added as an investor as well.

Click continued to see Grisham’s on-air interview…

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