My iPhone & iPad App Updates for the Past Week: 28 Updates

28 of my iPad & iPhone apps were updated in the past week. Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release or an Apple iOS 4.x compatibility update with, perhaps, some bug fixes.

Apps with an asterisk (*) preceding the app name indicates an app on my iPad.

1 Adobe PhotoShop Express 1.3.2

2. Aftermath 1.1.1 iPad/iOS 3 support re-enabled. New audio system.

3. Angry Birds 1.4.4

4. AT&T myWireless Mobile 1.5 Enroll in AutoPay. Schedule monthly one-time-only payment. Manage shared wireless features. Add/remove favorite A-List number. Login supports alpha-numeric entries.

* 5. BBC News 6.5

6. Bing 1.3 Flight rates, travel details, price predictor. What’s Nearby feature. Enhanced map.

7. Constitution for the iPhone 1.4 Images/biographical information for signers added.

8. Darkroom 3.5.2

9. Eye-Fi 1.1.10

10. FourTrack 4.0.1

* 11. Glee Karaoke 2.1 Join any song on the globe. Get a one-time practice for any track before purchasing. Fix for 4th gen iPod touch mic.

* 12. GoodReader for iPad 3.0.0 PDF annotations.

13. Hulu Plus 1.2 Removed limit on number of search results. Remove bandwidth consumption (what does this mean???)

14. Moodagent FREE 2.2

* 15. Movies by Flixster 4.2 Portrait mode on iPad. Multitasking support.

16. News & Video from Consumer Reports 1.4.1 Gas Prices feature removed.

* 17. Pulse News Reader 2.0 60 sources across 5 pages. Pulse Bazaar for new source discovery.

* 18. Qvik Sketch Pro 1.3 New redo

19. Remote 2.0 Support for new Apple TV.

20. Seesmic 1.1 Send URLS to Instapaper & Read It Later. Twitter direct messages organized by threads. Create new Lists, add people to Lists.

21. Shazam 3.0.4

* 22. SketchBook Pro 1.2.1

23. SnapTell 4.0

* 24. Star Trek Comics 2.4

25. The History of Cameras 1.2 iAds.

* 26. WIRED Magazine 1.4 [Note: Deleting this from iPad soon to regain storage space]

* 27. WordPress 2.6 Crashing on login for some users – wait for 2.6.1. Video upload support. New Autosave. New Media Library interface.

28. Zillow Real Estate Search 3.0.5

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