Navigon MobileNavigator for Android US Version Launches Today

One of the problems with the otherwise great Google Maps for mobile is that it requires a 3G signal in order to view maps when driving. This works great if you are always in 3G range. But, if you are going on a long drive across many counties or states, there’s a good chance that you will drop in long stretches of 3G-less areas. The solution is to install a navigation app that installs all the maps you need directly on your smartphone (or buy a standalone GPS device). Navigon launched their MobileNavigator for Android with European maps earlier in the year are releasing a U.S. version of their Android app today.

MobileNavigator features a 3D map view Navigon calls “Reality View” as well as an augmented reality (AR) view called “Reality Scanner” that overlays a live camera view with points of interest. If you prefer walking, it also provide Pedestrian Navigation. And, ahem, there’s also a “Red Light Cameras” feature that provide advanced warning of known speed cameras.

MobileNavigator for Android retails for $59.99. However, it will be on sale in the Android Market for $39.99 for two weeks. Note that these prices are based on exchange rates between the Euro and U.S. Dollar. So, you may see some variance.

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