It didn’t take long for the Nook Tablet to get hacked, and in short order the Nook Tablet had  full suite of Google apps, support tools, and more. But one thing that was lacking was  root technique that made it super easy, so almost anyone could do it. That changed today.

A hacker going by the name of Indirect has just posted instructions on how you can root a Nook Tablet with just a microSD card. His method hacks the Nook Tablet and installs Google apps (Android Market, Gmail, etc).

This technique requires at least a small amount of technical skills. You’ll need to be able to format a petition on the microSD card. That’s where you will copy the hack files before inserting the card in your Nook Tablet. After you have the card ready to go ll you hve to do is insert it into a powered down Nook Tablet

via XDA Forums