New Service Lets You Filter Your Friends For Stuff You Care About

Do you sometimes wish Twitter was a little bit quieter or relevant?

Subjot, a NYC-based startup recently launched to the public, seems to have the answer. The social network can connect you with people you are familiar with in the topics that you care to tweet about.

For instance, you want to follow all your friends Jots on cooking food, but you might not be interested in his Jots on baseball. With Subjot, you could just follow his Jots on cooking food by simply checking off the “cooking food” box next to his name. Then, you would merely see Jots that he labeled cooking food. It’s pretty simple and like Twitter, but categorized by subject.

Signing up for the site asks you to connect via Facebook and Twitter accounts. After that is done, you are shown a list of your friends that are currently on Subjot. The list includes the topics they’re jotting about most often and regularly. If you don’t want to block any of your friends’ tweets, then you can follow all their Jots.

Subjot creators, Chris Carella and Becky Carella, were inspired by Quora. They took notice to how topic-specific Quora threads eventually form. However, they felt the threads were too restricted because the format is in Q&A. Thus, they came up with Subjot.

Subjot is a unique idea, but adds an extra click in the process of becoming a follower of a Twitter account via Subjot. I don’t know if I like the idea of doing an extra click just to keep things relevant while tweeting.

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