Nielsen Says Very Few People Watching Netflix or Hulu on Mobile Devices. But, Let’s Take a Closer Look…

Nielsenwire took a look at home Netflix and Hulu’s stream video services are used and provided interesting findings.

What Netflix and Hulu Users are Watching… and How

Watching on a mobile phone or iPad came in surprisingly low. In fact, the devices are listed near the bottom of the devices listed.

Netflix: 3% on phone, 3% on iPad
Hulu: 2% of phone, 1% on iPad

Direct viewing on a computer (desktop or notebook not specific) topped the list for both services (42% Netflix, 89% Hulu). A few surprises in Nielsen’s results makes me wonder about how valid the data is. For example:

- The third most used method for watching Netflix or Hulu is viewing on a computer connected to a TV (14% Netflix, $20 Hulu). I find this quite surprising since Microsoft Windows, for example, tried to promote this configuration for year and apparently failed. Perhaps what this is really counting are people attaching a large® second monitor to a notebook or desktop PC for streaming video viewing.
- The Apple TV is listed as accounting for 1% of Hulu viewing. However, Apple TV does not provide Hulu as a viewing option. It is possible to hack an Apple TV to view streaming video from Hulu. But, I cannot imagine that 1% of the sampled population is doing so.

Via All Things D: Netflix is for Movies, Hulu is for TV Shows. Neither Is for Your iPad or Your iPhone.

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