No More Buzz Words, Tell it Like it is on LinkedIn

Many would agree that LinkedIn is the place to go to network with other professionals worldwide. The professional social networking platform has close to 120 million members, and to tap into that membership stream requires generating responses from other members via one’s profile. However, LinkedIn discourages users from using buzzwords, words or phrases that are overused or lack substance to define a particular profession or field of study. You need to tell it like it is on Linkedin.

LinkedIn even went so far as to release the top 10 buzzwords that are overused by professionals in the U.S. If you look over the list, you will see a common denominator – each buzzword is not specific enough – too generalized.

Now, if you take one of those words, such as the very top one “extensive experience”, you need to expound on your experience. You could say “eight to ten years of experience” instead.

Another example is the word “dynamic”. Again, you need to be specific and say “takes pride in getting projects done effectively and timely” or “tackles projects with energetic drive”.

Now, let’s take the last buzzword on LinkedIn’s list. How could you describe your talents besides saying “entrepreneurial”? You could say “owned, organized and managed a print shop for 5 years.”

The point is that you don’t want to sound like everybody else on LinkedIn. The more you define your talents with specifics the more you will stand out as an individual. The only problem with being specific about your talents is that you will have to prove it.

The holidays are a good time to give your LinkedIn profile a makeover, given that you will have some down time — free from everyday hassles. So you can start your New Year fresh and ready to expand your influence in the social network.

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