Nook Color App Downloads Provides Evidence Of Transformation To Tablet

According to Barnes & Noble, 1 million applications were downloaded to the Nook Color during the first week of the store’s availability. While that number of downloads pales in comparison to the 10 billion apps downloaded to iOS devices, I think it indicates good popularity for B&N’s eReader turned tablet.

Earlier this month I wrote about how the Nook Color could be the most affordable tablet available. When Barnes & Noble first sold the Nook Color it only ran eReader software, with a few addtional apps like Pandora and a web browser, but it provided no way to add apps. Barnes & Noble has since provided an upgrade to the Nook Color that includes an app store, which adds the ability to use the device for more purposes than reading books.

Playing games is an obvious use for the Nook Color, so it’s not a surprise that Angry Birds is the most popular paid app. People are using the Nook Color for more serious activities too, based on the fact that the productivity apps Fliq Calendar and Fliq Notes are the most popular free apps.

If you are interested in getting the Nook Color, it costs $249 and is available at Barnes & Noble and Best Buy.

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