Pinterest has quickly become the third largest social network online, now competing with Twitter and Facebook.

The social media gurus at Modea have collected data about Pinterest users into a handy infographic, exploring everything from magazines choices to favorite mobile phones.

We’ve embedded the infographic below. Here’s more about the information:

Ever wonder who’s on Pinterest?  We did.  That’s why we created our first Pinterest Infographic: Pinning = Winning in February, which visualized the power and growing popularity of this social media platform.  Now we’ve put together a new Pinterest infographic that takes a deeper look into the lives of Pinterest users, revealing everything from where they purchase their groceries to which mobile provider they use.  Learn who’s visiting Pinterest, how they access information, their shopping and leisure habits, and much more.  We even compared these habits to internet users at large, so you can get a handle on what is unique about Pinterest visitors.