sidebar_famiy2.jpgAfter many delays in a ship date, Plastic Logic has officially canceled its Que ProReader product, which debuted in January and was supposed to ship this year. At CES,’s editorial director took a video tour of the eReader with a premium $799 price tag.

Looks like the new Kindle, the Nook, the iPad and the slew of other eReaders were just too hard to compete with. Richard Archuleta, CEO of Plastic Logic had this to say: “We recognize the market has dramatically changed, and with the product delays we have experienced, it no longer make sense for us to move forward with our first generation electronic reading product. This was a hard decision, but is the best one for our company, our investors and our customers.”

Still Plastic Logic isn’t out of the business entirely. Archuleta also stated: “We plan to take the necessary time needed to re-enter the market as we refocus, redesign and retool for our next generation ProReader product. We continue to perfect our core plastic electronic technology and manufacturing processes that are central to our product’s unique value proposition.”

Via Sarah Weinman.