Publishers Show Less Enthusiasm About eReaders Increasing Reading

Even though eReader sales are skyrocketing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that more people will be reading. According to a new report from Forrester Research and Digital Book World, publishers aren’t as enthusiastic about eReading this year as they were last year.

The report interviewed publishers who represent 74% of all U.S. publishing revenues. When asked if readers will be better off, only 61% of respondents said that they will be, down from 74% in the 2010 study. When asked if “more people will read books than did before,” in 2011, only 60% thought so, down from 66% in 2010. And when asked if readers would read more books than before only 47% of respondents agreed, down from 66% in 2010.

Commenting on the research, book industry expert Mike Shatzkin told Digital Book World: “In the short run, digital is likely to increase book consumption for two simple reasons: It’s easier to get them and it’s easier to have them with you at any particular time.”

The full report is going to be presented by Forrester analyst James McQuivey at the Digital Book World Conference later this month.

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