I never could figure out what market segment Flo TV appealed to. But, I was curious enough to speak with its Head of Programming, Jonathan Barzilay, back in August 2009 (podcast recording embedded above). Flo TV required a special chipset (made by Qualcomm who owns Flo TV) that was only available in a relatively small number of feature phones. Flo TV apparently never found a large enough market segment. Qualcomm announced it will shutdown the service by the end of the year.

Unable To Find A Better Exit, Qualcomm Cancels Consumer-Direct FLO TV

The big question now is what happens to the chunk of the spectrum, bought by Qualcomm, that was used for Flo TV’s video transmission. It uses the spectrum formerly occupied by analog UHF TV channel 55. Qualcomm seems to own it nationwide. Will they use it for something else now?