Research in Motion (RIM), the company that makes Blackberries, is reportedly working on an iPad rival to be released this fall.

At this point, RIM has not made any official announcement about the devices. This is all just an Internet rumor right now. Engadget reports: “In addition to the 9.7-inch display, Bluetooth, WiFi, and front- and rear-facing cameras already mentioned by Bloomberg’s sources, Apple Daily claims that Quanta won the bid to manufacture the tablet with plans to ramp up for 2 million units starting in September (for a November retail launch) with another 8 million planned for 2011. The price? $499 is the target, naturally.”

It would be interesting to see another $499 tablet on the market for the holiday season. Will this mean a Blackberry eBookstore and a Blackberry eReader? Maybe, or maybe they will work with the various Android-based eReading apps already available.