Samsung is back in the news again and reports are saying that the electronics manufacturer is getting ready to launch the Galaxy tablet as soon as September.

MSNBC reports: “Samsung may launch a 7-inch Android tablet based on its new Galaxy S line of phones, early next month at a consumer electronics show in Berlin in early September. The tablet, which may be called the P1000 Galaxy Tab, is reported to have a front-facing camera for video calls, something lacking in Apple’s iPad, but available on the iPhone 4. It’s not yet clear whether the Samsung tablet will go on sale first in Europe, when it will be available in the United States, and what its cost will be.”

The iPad will have a lot to contend with this fall, as Asustek’s Eee Tablet might also be out this October. Last year the holiday season saw the battle of the eReader and this year is poised to be the battle of the tablet.