Find Your Music Soul Mates & Discover New Music With Serendip

Serendip, a social music radio app aimed to help you meet your “music soul mates” and discover new and interesting music from people with similar tastes around the globe, makes its official public launch today.

Founded in 2011, Serendip aims to make music discovery more personal and fine-tuned to your interests than ever before.  How does it work?  According to a press release, “Serendip collects all music related posts publicly shared on Facebook and Twitter and indexes them along with the people who shared them.  Serendip essentially turns every user on Facebook and Twitter that actively shares music into a DJ.  More than 25 million DJs are currently registered in the Serendip databases, and Serendip users can easily discover DJs that match their interests, follow them and enjoy a personally curated playlist based on the music they share.”

Check out the video below to learn more.

Serendip pairs you up with folks that share your impeccable taste in music and compiles the music they’re sharing on Facebook and Twitter from sources like YouTube, Bandcamp, Vimeo and SoundCloud into a massive playlist for you to listen to and discover great new music.

The great thing about Serendip is it doesn’t take much time to get set up at all.  Just sign up via Twitter and Facebook, follow some friends, tell Serendip about some of the music you like and you’ve already got a ready-made playlist waiting for you.

If you hear a song you like, just hit the “Rock On” button to let the friend who shared the song know you like it.  If you don’t like it, just skip along to the next song in the playlist.  You can always unfollow friends that share music you aren’t so into, and Serendip will continually suggest new DJs from around the globe for you to follow, based on your musical taste, your social connections and more.  According to the press release, “When you find a DJ you like, you can easily follow them, similar to following a user on Twitter, and their musical choices become a part of your Serendip experience.  This transforms Serendip into a kind of ‘Twitter for music’, where top influencers populate your stream of songs with their selections.”

I just signed up for Serendip and I’m currently rocking out to The Smiths.  Can’t wait to see what Serendip recommends next!  Have you tried out Serendip yet?

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Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.

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