The Shanda Literature Group has released its Bambook eReader and opened up an eBook store. The eReader let users access the Yuzhong digital library and the Shanda network.

Publishing Perspectives reports: “Dubbed Bambook, the device is priced at 998 RMB ($147) and offers a six-inch gray-scale e-ink display, Wi-Fi and an ExpressCard expansion slot for use with mobile Internet data cards. The device includes voice functions in Chinese and English, primarily to enable the use of popular language learning books. It offers 24-day standby on a single battery charge and the company promises to offer solar recharging, though it is not yet clear if this is built-in or via an adapter. Yesterday, the company released the first 3,500 Bambooks, but only to existing Shanda customers and as part of an ‘internal trial.’”

In May, Shanda Literature had 43 million registered users. CEO Zhou Hongli discusses Shanda in this video post from BEA.