Do you have a refrigerator full or leftovers that you don’t have room for? Or maybe you are hungry and are looking for a cheap  food option in your neighborhood. LeftoverSwap is the answer. The app is designed to help connect hungry neighbors with those who have too much, and reduce food waste. The app is designed so that people with too much can take photos of their leftovers and write a little description, then post them to the LeftoverSwap board. Hungry users can search the app to browse leftovers options and find a meal based on their location.

Check it out: “LeftoverSwappers don’t feel the need to eat an enormous restaurant portion, and instead pass it on to a hungrier neighbor, in turn learning their name and avoiding excess calories. Through increasing the efficiency of each plot of land dedicated to food production, we can reduce our intensive use of natural resources, and reduce our expansion into sensitive environmental areas.”

At this point, the app is simply in beta, but you can sign up to get access as soon as it becomes public at this link.