Social Media Newsfeed: AP Twitter Account Hacked | Matthew Keys Arraignment

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Associated PressWhat to Watch: Add Twitter to Market Risk Factors? (USA Today)
A bogus 60-character tweet Tuesday with terror overtones on the Associated Press’ Twitter site caused a nearly 150-point roller-coaster ride in a four-minute span on the Dow Jones industrial average. The violent and instantaneous market reaction sent a message to investors that social media tools aren’t just for talkative teens, but also wield immense power that can move jittery, computer-driven markets on a whim. Associated Press The false tweet said there had been two explosions at the White House and that President Barack Obama was injured. The attack on AP’s Twitter account and the AP Mobile Twitter account was preceded by phishing attempts on AP’s corporate network. The New York Times/The Caucus Within a few minutes, Twitter suspended the account, and Julie Pace, the chief White House correspondent for the AP, announced at a White House briefing that the account had been hacked. Jay Carney, Obama’s press secretary, confirmed that the president was unharmed. Politico The AP’s Twitter accounts are currently suspended. The AP’s Politics account tweeted to its followers that “AP’s Twitter accounts will be suspended until we can be assured of their security. Do not respond to any news posted by these accounts.” Forbes The hacking suggests two features that Twitter desperately needs: better security through two-factor authentication and an editorial function that allows account holders to post corrections to tweets that contain false information. AP is not the only big news organization to be trolled of late.

Matthew Keys Arraignment: Former Reuters Social Media Employee Pleads Not Guilty To Helping Anonymous Hackers (The Huffington Post)
Matthew Keys, former Reuters deputy social editor, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that he conspired with hacker group Anonymous to attack the websites of his former employer. The 26-year-old journalist, dressed in khakis and a blue button-down shirt, didn’t utter a single word inside the courtroom. The Guardian Keys said that the charges against him had not been mentioned during a telephone call by Reuters in which his employment had been terminated on Monday. Instead, he said that the company had told him that it was because he had violated a final written warning. Columbia Journalism Review The Boston Marathon bombing proved to be Keys’s final undoing; he lashed out at Reuters social media editor Anthony De Rosa, accusing his boss of tweet plagiarism. Keys also took a lot of heat for erroneously tweeting that one of the bombing suspects was in custody and live-tweeting the Boston police scanner after the police department had asked the media to stop.

Salesforce’s New Dashboard Unites Social Listening and Real-Time Advertising (SocialTimes)
Salesforce Tuesday launched, a marketing dashboard that unites the social monitoring of Radian6, acquired by Salesforce two years ago, and a beefed-up version of the social advertising tool the company acquired with Buddy Media last June. is the first tool to offer both social monitoring and ad placement, an integration that Salesforce says will make it far more feasible for companies to advertise based on real-time social media trends and conversations.

BuddyBet Secures $3M to Make Online Gambling Social (VentureBeat)
BuddyBet, Prague-based online gambling company, has secured $3 million in funding from private investors to propel its social-focused betting site. The company distinguishes itself from traditional online gambling and gaming websites by allowing people to bet against other BuddyBet users instead of playing against the site itself. It emphasizes the social element of betting — something that is often lost when taking gambling from the casino to the computer.

Facebook Gives Pages on Mobile a Sleeker Design (AllFacebook)
Facebook has redesigned the way mobile users view pages. The company announced Tuesday that pages will take on a sleeker look, making it easier for users to like, message, call, as well as see if a business is open.

Chirpify Gets $2M to Further Growth in Social Commerce, Adds Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg as Customers (The Next Web)
Social commerce and payments platform Chirpify has raised a $2 million Series A round of funding from Voyager Capital. The company says that it will be using the newfound capital to further its growth in the payments space and help customers purchase items from within Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Create Your Own Bergdorf’s Window on Facebook (SocialTimes)
Matthew Miele’s upcoming film “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s” is a window into Bergdorf Goodman’s rise from a small ladies’ tailor shop to a Fifth Avenue landmark that’s known for its over-the-top window displays. On the official Facebook page for “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s” is an interactive window dressing tool for you (and the rest of the film’s 20,000-strong fan base) to test your own design skills.

Judge Gives Taxi-Hailing Apps in NYC the Go-Ahead (CNET)
The on-again, off-again scenario of whether to allow taxi-hailing apps to set up shop for a pilot program in New York City is back on again. State Supreme Court Judge Carol Huff dismissed a lawsuit Tuesday that sought to halt the pilot program, which was filed by a group of mostly livery-car companies, according to the Associated Press. This means that startups like Uber, GetTaxi and Hailo can now commence with e-hails.

Study: 3 Percent Increase in Facebook ‘Likes’ Correlates with 1 Percent Bump in TV Ratings (LostRemote)
A new study from CitizenNet attempts to quantify the relationship between Facebook “likes” and TV viewership. The short version: they found a correlation: a 3 percent boost in “likes” correlated to a 1% boost in TV ratings.

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