Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook News Feed Ads | When Will Twitter IPO Filing Go Public?

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NewFacebookLogoFacebook Tweaks News Feed Algorithm to Deliver More Relevant Ads (Inside Facebook)
Facebook is constantly making changes to its News Feed algorithm. The most recent major changes came with Story Bumping and Last Actor, but the site announced Friday that it is altering the algorithm to help advertisers deliver more relevant ads to users. CNET In essence, Facebook is promising to listen a bit more to the feedback that you provide with your everyday social networking behaviors. The company considers your clicks, likes, comments and shares when determining what ads to insert into your News Feed. It will also heed your ad hides as well. Mashable “For marketers, this means we are showing ads to the people who might want to see them the most,” the company wrote in a blog post. “For example, if someone always hides ads for electronics, we will reduce the number of those types of ads that we show to them.” Reuters While big brands such as Toyota and AT&T advertise on Facebook, the company also makes money from marketers of weight-loss and teeth-whitening products. Analysts say some users may not welcome these less-glamorous pitches in their News Feed. Forbes No doubt both users and marketers will continue to have complaints, since that’s the nature of targeted advertising: It’s never going to be perfect, and even if it were, it might be too creepy to many people. But it’s clear, at least, that Facebook has heard the complaints and found they were having enough of an impact to do something about the situation.

Twitter May Make its IPO Filing Public This Week, According to Report (VentureBeat)
Twitter tweeted two weeks ago that it had filed for an initial public offering. But now that IPO filing is ready, and the company intends to make it public this week, according to Quartz, citing an unnamed source that is “familiar with the plan.”

Infographic: The Rise of Social Calls to Action in TV Ads (LostRemote)
With Advertising Week over, it is worth pointing out just how much television advertising has changed in the past few years. Whereas Twitter and Facebook calls to action did not exist as little as seven years ago, now, 9.9 percent of television ads feature a Twitter hashtag while 6.4 percent of ads feature a Facebook URL or hashtag.

NSA Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens (The New York Times)
Since 2010, the National Security Agency has been exploiting its huge collections of data to create sophisticated graphs of some Americans’ social connections that can identify their associates, their locations at certain times, their traveling companions and other personal information, according to newly disclosed documents and interviews with officials. The spy agency began allowing the analysis of phone call and email logs in November 2010 to examine Americans’ networks of associations for foreign intelligence purposes after NSA officials lifted restrictions on the practice, according to documents provided by Edward J. Snowden, the former NSA contractor.

Facebook Ads Manager Users Can Now Preview News Feed, Right-Hand-Side Ads (AllFacebook)
Earlier this month, some users of Facebook’s Power Editor began seeing an option to preview how their ads will look in News Feed. Now it appears that the social network has extended the same functionality to its Ads Manager.

How Reddit Helped Launch a Voice Actor’s Career (The Daily Dot)
Joseph Scales, a longtime redditor, got a jump on his career as a voice actor through support from the social news site. It began in early 2012, when he posted his take on Morgan Freeman’s famous monologue from the “Shawshank Redemption.”

Try This Proven Twitter Strategy: Pay it Forward (AllTwitter)
Some of the tweeters I admire most are those who strive to help others in one way or another. They pay it forward, and – from what I’ve seen – they reap plenty of rewards for doing so.

Why We Mourn the Death of the Horse_ebooks Twitter Account — Because it Represents Something We Have Lost (GigaOM)
For some, the news that the widely-followed Horse_ebooks Twitter account was just another marketing gimmick didn’t come as a surprise — but for others, it was just another sign of how boring and predictable the Web has become.

Celebrities Use Twitter for Rant-Casting (SocialTimes)
In the early days of Twitter’s rise to popularity there was a debate over its use for what people referred to as mindcasting. Many content producers settled on using Twitter as a syndication engine. In fact, it seems to be a favorite use of Twitter for celebrities. Or maybe we should call it rant-casting.

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