Social Media Newsfeed: News Site Apologizes Over ‘Highly Insensitive Tweet’ | Instagram Video Patents

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TwitterMinnesota News Site Apologizes for ‘Highly Insensitive’ Tweet (
A BringMeTheNews employee intended to send a tweet to her personal account. It was immediately deleted, writes BMTN founder Rick Kupchella, and “the staffer has submitted a letter of resignation that we have accepted.” City Pages “Another reason to avoid EP! RT @BringMN: Tree falls on, kills woman walking on trail in Eden Prairie” BringMeThe News quipped in response to a story about an as-yet unidentified woman who was killed when a tree fell on her. The BringMeTheNews Twitter account spent the morning mindlessly copy-and-pasting an apology. BringMeTheNews An article on partially reads: “We deeply apologize to our readers and the woman’s family. We understand the responsibility we have to always act with the highest standards of decency and care. We will use this incident to reaffirm that to ourselves and the community we serve, and act in a manner that is consistent with our obligation to them.”

Facebook Patents Point to an All-Seeing, All-Hearing Instagram Video (TechCrunch)
Facial recognition, landmark detection and even audio cues picked up through your phone’s microphone could let Instagram video intelligently suggest a cover frame for mini-movies or even tag them, according to recent Facebook patents. The tech could route each video to the right people and put its best (motionless) foot forward so it gets viewed among the sea of more easily-consumed photos.

When Tragedy Hits, Social Media Gets There First (USA Today)
It is perhaps fitting that the first on-scene report on the Asiana airplane crash came not from a traditional correspondent but via social media in the form of a Samsung executive and one-time online media boss who was also a passenger on the ill-fated plane. As the Boston Marathon bombings and Texas filibuster have already demonstrated, social media not only gets there first, it can often provide critical information in the first moments of a tragedy. Mashable Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, said she was supposed to be on the plane in San Francisco. Sandberg posted a series of public status updates on her Facebook profile that said she and her family were nearly on the flight.

How to Win Over Showrooming Shoppers [Infographic] (SocialTimes)
Showrooming — checking products out in a nearby store before buying them from an online seller — is a growing phenomenon, and, understandably, it has some brick-and-mortar retailers panicked. This infographic from Compete Pulse aims to show stores how to score a sale from a customer armed with a mobile phone.

Social Media Infiltrates Zimmerman Trial (Seattle Post Intelligencer/AP)
Trayvon Martin’s fatal shooting garnered worldwide attention when the man who fatally shot him wasn’t arrested for weeks — a backlash fueled largely by social media. Now, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have permeated George Zimmerman’s trial both inside and outside the courtroom.

Fliike Enables Small Businesses to Display Real-Time, Running Tally of Facebook Likes (AllFacebook)
Most readers are likely familiar with the signs outside McDonald’s restaurants keeping a running tally of how many billions of customers have been served. French startup Smiirl swapped burgers sold for Facebook likes with its upcoming Fliike, which businesses can display in a prominent location to feature a real-time running total of their likes on the social network.

Instagram for iOS Gets Landscape Option to Shoot Photos and Videos, Cinema Support for Front-Facing Cameras (The Next Web)
Instagram Friday updated its iOS app with minor but important changes and improvements. Instagram can now handle landscape orientation properly, both when taking photos and recording videos. This was an issue from the very beginning, when Instagram launched video support back in June.

Lady Gaga Wipes Her Twitter Profile, Changes Avatar to Default Egg (AllTwitter)
Lady Gaga has long been a Twitter all star, even after being surpassed in follower count by Justin Beiber in January. But mysteriously, she has changed her Twitter profile picture to the network’s default egg image and updated her Twitter bio to read, “This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates.”

Forget Servers; One Day Facebook, Google and Other Web Giants Will Make Their Own Custom Chips (GigaOM)
Will Web giants soon follow in Apple’s footsteps with the iPhone, and design specialty silicon for the servers running their operations? An AMD executive thinks that day is around the corner.

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