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TwitterTwitter Rolls Out Two-Factor Account Authentication (SocialTimes)
Twitter Wednesday launched a feature that will allow users to opt into two-factor account authentication on the service. Users who turn on the feature will receive an access code on their smartphone by SMS text message each time they attempt to log in to Twitter. They will be required to enter that code each time they seek to access their accounts. Mashable The move comes after a number of hacks of high-profile Twitter accounts, including The Onion, the Associated Press and E! Online. Jim O’Leary from Twitter’s product security team announced the new feature via a blog post, saying it is in response to accounts “occasionally” being compromised by phishing schemes or password breaches on other sites. The New York Times/Bits Blog Two-step authentication is by no means foolproof. Twitter accounts for larger brands and news outlets are often managed by several employees, but only one employee would receive the log-in code. In those cases, other employees would only be able to access the account from their usual devices, or would need to get the one-time code from the administrator — a hassle that may discourage brands from using the security feature altogether. Forbes Typing in a code sent to your phone may seem like a bit of extra work every time you want to log into your Twitter account. But the extra step only occurs when logging in from a new machine — in most cases users will never notice the new setting. And it’s a small price to pay to prevent embarrassing or false information to be broadcast to your followers. VentureBeat You can turn two-factor authentication on by going to your account settings in Twitter and selecting “require a verification code.” You’ll then have to enter a phone number. After two-factor is set up, you will have to enter the code every time you log in to Twitter.

Google Trends Now Ranks Most Searched People, Places and Things in 40+ Categories, Releases Visual Trending Product (The Next Web)
Google has released a new and improved version of Google Trends with new charts, updated monthly, of the most-searched people, places and things in more than 40 categories with the ability to filter by 11 countries. PR companies and their customers now have another metric to be highly aware of.

Facebook Users Can Now Schedule Gifts (AllFacebook)
Facebook added the ability for users to schedule Gifts up to two weeks in advance, enabling them to choose Gifts, fill out the cards and pay in advance. Sister blog Inside Facebook reported on the new feature, saying that previously recipients of Gifts would receive notifications immediately.

LinkedIn Has Definitely Acqui-Hired Maybe, Omar Hamoui’s Polling Startup, Minus Hamoui Himself (TechCrunch)
Fresh from closing its purchase of newsreading app Pulse, LinkedIn has made another acquisition to dive deeper into the mobile space. TechCrunch has found out, and confirmed, that the social network has aqui-hired Maybe, the social polling startup founded by Omar Hamoui — the man who set up, ran and then sold mobile ad company AdMob to Google for $750 million.

This Memorial Day, Put Your Military Hero in the Spotlight with Hashtags4Heroes (AllTwitter)
Celebrities and other Twitterati can reign supreme every other day, but if you have a loved one who has served (or is serving now) in the military, Hashtags4Heroes wants to help your special someone take center stage this Memorial Day.

Syrian Activists’ Facebook Pages Said to be Shuttered (CNET)
Just as Syria recovers from last week’s countrywide Internet outage, a number of government opposition groups are reportedly saying that their Facebook pages have been shuttered, according to Al Arabiya. One of the pages that is no longer available is the profile page of the former brigadier general of the Syrian Republican Guard, Manaf Tlass, who defected from the government last year.

How Social Media Erupted About the Cancellations of Happy Endings and Smash (LostRemote)
With the TV upfronts come announcements of cancellations as networks set their schedules for the fall. As social TV grows it becomes easier and easier to understand how fans feel about these decisions they usually have no control over. Social media analytics company Crimson Hexagon provided Lost Remote with social analysis on both of these shows.

The Internet Needs an Emergency Relief System (The Daily Dot)
After a massive tornado tore through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore on Monday — claiming 24 lives and leaving behind a wind-torn path of rubble and ruin — individuals once more sprang into action from all corners of the Web. Such efforts are sincerely appreciated and commendable — offering a silver lining of hope and redemption in the face of the unfathomable — but I can’t help but think that we can do far better.

New Survey Introduces Tool to Measure Employers’ Social Media Reach (MediaJobsDaily)
Have you ever followed a potential employer on Facebook or Twitter and engaged in conversations? According to Maximum Employment Marketing Group, its new survey introduced an objective and fact-based tool to measure effectiveness of employers’ reach to candidates on social media, better known as the Social Recruitment Monitor.

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