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Twitter George ZimmermanSocial Media’s Reaction to the Acquittal of George Zimmerman (The New York Times/The Lede)
As The New York Times’ Michael Schwirtz reports, the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin prompted an impassioned debate on Sunday about race and the judicial system, amid calls for more protests to be held across the country. On Twitter alone, more than a million posts about the verdict went up in the 12 hours after it was announced Saturday night. Zimmerman’s supporters expressed relief, while others responded with a mix of outrage and frustration. USA Today The trial happened, Natalie Jackson, a Sanford native and lawyer for Trayvon’s family, said because “people took to social media and 2.2 million Americans signed a petition on and demanded — not in an effort to persecute George Zimmerman — but in an effort to say a black 17-year-old child should be able to walk home from the store and not be shot. They may have saved the life of another child.” Los Angeles Times Thousands tweeted and posted on Facebook with hashtags such as #Zimmerman and #StandWithTrayvon. Commentary and speculation swirled in the days leading up to the verdict. In a symbolic move, Martin’s supporters blacked out Twitter and Facebook profile photos and circulated the #Blackout4Trayvon hashtag. Miami Herald “The case touched so many chords, it became a contemporary media event as people tuned in to find out if their view of reality would be affirmed,” said Darnell Hunt, a sociology professor and director of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African-American Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. “The advances in social media and technology made it possible for people to follow the case but also debate it. Once a story goes viral, it takes on a life of its own,” Hunt said.

Hulu Pulls Plug on Sale After Months of Bidding, Owners Invest $750 Million in Company (The Verge)
Streaming video site Hulu won’t be sold after all. 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal and The Walt Disney Company announced Friday that they will be keeping their existing shares in Hulu and contributing a combined $750 million to help grow the site. CNBC Sources say that as Disney and Fox went through the bids, they overcame their differences with a renewed understanding of the value of Hulu Plus, the $8-a-month subscription service, which has more than 4 million subscribers after more than doubling last year. Hulu’s parents had said it wasn’t just a sale process but a “review of the business” to look at the best growth prospect. VentureBeat “We had meaningful conversations with a number of potential partners and buyers, each with impressive plans and offers to match,” Chase Carey, president and chief operating officer of 21st Century Fox, said in a statement. “But with 21st Century Fox and Disney fully aligned in our collective vision and goals for the business, we decided to continue to empower the Hulu team, in this fashion, to continue the incredible momentum they’ve built over the last few years.”

Exclusive: Stevie Launches Pet-Themed Channel ‘All Your Cats are Belong to Us’ (SocialTimes)
Stevie, a place where social media feeds are transformed into never-ending TV shows, has quietly launched a new channel starring Internet pets called “All Your Cats are Belong to Us.” Stevie CEO Yael Givon describes the channel as “your one-stop shop for dogs and cats, but mostly cats.”

Restaurant Fires Workers by Text (CNET)
Some workers at Barducci’s Italian Bistro in Winter Park, Fla., are appalled that they received a text from the owner, Gregory Kennedy, that read: “I unfortunately need to inform you that I have been forced to close Barducci’s effective immediately.” “I think it’s immoral. I think it’s cowardice,” one worker, Jodi Jackson told WFTV.

Minor League Baseball on Facebook: California League (AllFacebook)
AllFacebook’s look at the Facebook pages of Minor League Baseball teams continues with the advanced class-A California League. Class A is the lowest level in the minor-league system, where the least advanced prospects start out, but full-season class-A leagues are made up of more advanced prospects than short-season leagues, and advanced class-A leagues are obviously at the top of the tier.

‘Lean In’ to Lawsuits: Firms Should Avoid Sandberg’s Baby Advice, Say Lawyers (GigaOM)
Despite Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s advice, it’s unlikely that many executives will be discussing pregnancy at work any time soon. A survey of employment lawyers by Law360 revealed that all of them strongly counseled their clients not to follow Sandberg’s suggestion.

How Parents Can Use Pinterest to Keep Kids Learning Over the Summer (SocialTimes)
One fantastic resource for parents is Pinterest expert Melissa Taylor, who curates educational content there for her Imagination Soup blog readers on her Pinterest page. Taylor lives in Denver, Colo., and is a mom of two. She has more than 1 million Pinterest followers and wrote the book “Pinterest Savvy.”

Teen Arrested for ‘Terroristic’ Facebook Comment Free on Bond (Mashable)
A Texas teenager charged for making a “terroristic” threat on Facebook earlier this year was released from jail on bail Thursday after an anonymous donor reportedly posted a $500,000 bond. Back in February, then-18-year-old Justin Carter got into a heated argument on Facebook with a friend, after playing the online game League of Legends. Carter wrote a comment saying he’d “shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still beating hearts,” followed by an “lol” and “jk” at the end of the post.

10 Secrets of the Top Twitter Chats
I’ve been a participant in dozens of Twitter chats – but I decided to take a closer look at how some of the best chats function. So what are the secrets of hosting a great Twitter chat?

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