The World on Social Media: Facebook Still Dominates

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A new report from social media agency We Are Social shows that Facebook still dominates the world when it comes to number of active users. Following Facebook by a margin of 368 million is the Chinese instant-messaging service QQ, proceeded by the Chinese social network Qzone. Both of these are owned by Tencent, a holding company that also owns the messenger app WeChat and the Twitter-like Tencent Weibo.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr all came towards the bottom of the list, although we can hardly believe that Google+ has more active users than any of those social media platforms. While all the stats come from the companies’ own press releases, and thus should be greeted with skepticism, Google+’s numbers are especially problematic. From Mike Isaac at AllThingsD (now at Re/code):

The problem is, as Google presents it, we can’t tell if users actually intend to use and share on Google+, or if they’re just clicking on the notifications bell to get rid of it — glaring red and bright against the plain white and gray background of Google’s properties.

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Some other takeaways from the report include:

  • Twenty-one percent of the world’s population has access to broadband on their mobile devices.
  • The U.K. has the highest Internet penetration, followed by Canada, South Korea and Germany.
  • Brazil spends the most time on the Internet, followed by South Africa, Indonesia and Mexico.
  • Argentina spends the most time on social networks, followed by Mexico, Thailand and the U.A.E.

Here’s the full report, in all its 183-slide glory:

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