SURVEY: 49% of LinkedIn Users Have Household Income Over $100K

The recent 2012 Consumer Electronics Report announced the results of a user survey last month, and found some interesting statistics about LinkedIn users.  Just about half (49%) have household incomes over $100,000, and LinkedIn users are more likely than the general population to own tablets and smartphones.  Read on for more.

LinkedIn is a professional network and has been since the start, and there has always been a bit of cachet to the site.  It feels like a place to go and do business.  That’s why marketing in there can be tricky.  At a recent conference I heard about Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label campaign on the network, and it focused on using the Johnnie Walker label on your profile to make yourself look classier — a pretty smart angle.

That’s why it’s important to look at some of these surveys now and see what kind of demographics are using the service.  Some of the interesting statistics are given below.

Purchasing Plans: 41% of LinkedIn members plan to spend $1,000 or more on consumer electronics (CE) in 2012, compared to 29% of the online U.S. general population.

o   For Commuting: LinkedIn members are 53% more likely than the average online adult in the U.S. to have Bluetooth in their car, and 31% more likely to have GPS.

o   For Mobile: LinkedIn members are 51% more likely than the average online adult in the U.S. to own or use a smartphone.  When it comes to tablet PCs, they’re 85% more likely to own or use one than the average online adult in the U.S. – that tablet PC is more than likely an iPad.

·         Time Management: Technology is an essential tool for LinkedIn members – 93% of LinkedIn members agree that they rely on technology to manage parts of their lives, compared to 78% of the general online population.

o   Productivity and efficiency are CE’s most important attributes for LinkedIn members.  When asked which three aspects of CE are most important, their responses show an emphasis on efficiency at 51% compared to the online general U.S. population at 37%, and on productivity at 42% compared to the online general U.S. population at 25%.

·         82% of LinkedIn members agree that companies should have a presence in social media, compared to 75% among the online general U.S. population.

·         64% of LinkedIn members agree that companies should not only be present but also interact with their consumers via social media.

·         92% of LinkedIn members who plan to purchase at least one consumer electronics device in the next year say that they would listen to a colleague’s recommendation on which device to purchase, compared to 83% of the general online U.S. population.

Image: Photosani via Shutterstock

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