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SXSW 2011 Publishing Panel Voting, Part Two

panelpick.jpgAs we near the end of a long and lazy summer, the publishing world is already plotting panel discussion ideas for next year.

Readers, writers, and publishing professionals can all help program the SXSW Interactive festival for March 2011–you can vote through the festival’s innovative SXSW Interactive PanelPicker.

We’ve listed fifteen of the publishing related panels, follow the individual links listed below to vote. Follow this link to read part one. The list follows below…

Kill The Publisher: Independent eBooks Liberate Content Creators, suggested by David Schloss, Mac Create, Inc.
“Since the time of Guttenberg’s press, the power–and the money–has gone to those who publish books, not to the creatives themselves. As the big book publishers grapple with the shift from analog to digital distribution they have cried that ‘the book is dead.’ The book is very much alive, it’s the bloated, bottom-feeding print publishers that are dying. This session will show you you can take well-crafted, targeted content and make it available on the Apple iBookstore and Kindle marketplace to reach readers that publishers couldn’t reach at speeds they can’t imagine.”

The New Author Platform
By Mary Ann Naples, OpenSky
“This panel addresses the new era of internet platform tools that are helping authors engage, grow, and monetize their online presence–and gain more readers. This panel explores authors building their brands and their own direct retail channels with OpenSky, using Meetup Everywhere to turn their content into community and evangelists, and creative experiments with GetGlue and Foursquare, as well as the more familiar Facebook, Twitter, and blog strategies. Far beyond the usual ‘how and why should I use social media’ panel–this one puts you on the cutting edge of brand-building with quantifiable new-era platforms that put the power directly in the hands of the authors, rather than the gatekeepers, if they choose to accept it.”

Got 99 Problems But a Blog Ain’t One
By Jenny Blake, (Google, but panel would not be on behalf of them)
“For those who still want to go the traditional publishing route, this panel will provide a look at several bloggers who landed book deals, even with the industry in a state of flux. This panel will highlight bloggers at various stages in the publishing process, with audiences of varying sizes. Most of us continued working full-time even while working on writing and promoting our books. We are proof that there are still a number of different ways to become published authors, even without a platform the size of Oprah’s or Gary Vaynerchuk’s.”

The Truth About Landing the Book Publishing Deal
By Kyle Lacy,
Landing the book deal is the biggest step in self-promotion to help advance your career. Publishing a book is what separates the experts from the gurus. This presentation details the process of signing a book deal with a book publisher. Kyle Lacy (@kyleplacy), CEO of Brandswag and Author of Twitter Marketing for Dummies (two editions) and two more books set to release in late 2010, and Brandon Prebynski (@prebynski), former Marketer at a major technology publisher, current Technical Editor, and Emerging Media Strategist at FKQ Marketing and Advertising, provide details from first-hand, industry experience of what it takes to sign a book deal, publish your book, and bring your book to the best-sellers list.

Indie Publishing: New Technologies & Crowdsourcing Thematic Content
Cynthia La Grou, Compathos TV, Compathos Productions, Millennia Music and Media Systems, Inc., Millennia Media Group
“New hybrid publishing models incorporating traditional, interactive, collaborative elements. The horizon in terms of convergent technologies in portable media, touch screen tablets, dynamic content, print on demand The stats / dismal state of publishing as well as the opportunities within a leveled landscape. Looks at interactive models within the context of virtual communities. These models are participatory, conversational, thematically driven. Though still experimental, they are setting the stage for community produced creative content.”

The Electronic Page: The Future of Print?
By Jaime Morelli, ZenithOptimedia
“This panel will discuss the publishing industry’s migration from the printed page to “Web 2.0″ and beyond. It will focus on how major publishers are leveraging social media, mobile, and new technology platforms to maintain their subscriber base and/or gain new readers even as their printed editions falter and lose advertisers. It will also discuss the catalyst for this shift and compare approaches and results between the various publishers. The panel will not leave out the writers and editors affected by this shift, both economically and creatively.”

Fireside Chat with Old Media: Pipe, Slippers Optional
Eric Moore, Razorfish
“Why has it been so hard for old media companies to change? After all, they still create and possess the content that people consume. If you believe content is king, then what is the problem? We’ll have a cozy fireside chat with three executives from major ‘old media’ brands and discuss what they are doing to transform their businesses in a meaningful way. We’ll also explore what ‘tricks’ the ‘old dog’ can teach new media.”

Imagining a Nimble World: Challenging the Publishing Industry
Rachel Lovinger, www.Razorfish.com
“Panel moderator Rachel Lovinger recently authored Nimble (http://nimble.razorfish.com), a report which provides a thorough analysis of the digital publishing industry commissioned by Razorfish’s Media & Entertainment Practice in partnership with information services company Semantic Universe. We’ll discuss paid content, and what success looks like for brands (think a value-add approach) as well as failure. The group will also touch on new revenue streams that leverage the opportunities specifically offered by digital content.”

Technology and Serendipity — An Uncertain Marriage
Julian Gutman, knowmore
“In this panel, we’ll discuss the role and need for serendipity, and emerging technological approaches to preserving it. We’ll explore whether or not an algorithm can actually supply us serendipity, and the effectiveness and drawbacks of traditional editorial approaches to preserving it. Do Facebook and Twitter fail at providing random yet relevant content? And, what tools are being created to augment serendipity today? This panel will discuss the impact of the individual’s role as Editor – and debate how people’s information awareness, or lack thereof, will impact the future of society.”

+5 Sword of ePublishing: Lessons from Tabletop RPGs
Gareth-Michael Skarka, Adamant Entertainment
“The tabletop RPG industry were early adopters of electronic publishing and digital distribution to n… READ MORE The tabletop RPG industry were early adopters of electronic publishing and digital distribution to niche audiences. What can mainstream publishers learn from the challenges already successfully faced by the D&D geeks?”

Design Blogs vs Mags, Who’s Launching Careers?
Tina Shoulders, Laidback
“Exploring traditional media vs new media when it comes to launching the career of a designer. Fashion designers and product designers have the ability to be small time rocks stars and household names once their name hits print, so we explore which mode of print media is doing it faster and more effectively. If your name is passed around the web often enough it moves faster from country to country but does that beat being in the style section of a national acclaimed magazine like Vogue? Do people respect tangible media more than they do new media. We will weight the pros and cons of pitching both new media (blogs) and print media all the while arguing that any press is good press.”

Touching Stories: Designing Digital Magazines for the iPad
Matthew Carlson, Hot Studio Inc.
“Both speakers were involved in designing some of the first digital magazines that launched on the iPad on April 3rd, 2010. They’ve spent the last year exploring new ways to experience and engage with magazine content on this exciting new platform. Together they’ve worked on iPad editions of magazines such as Spin, Dwell, National Geographic, Car and Driver and many others. In this session they’ll share hard-earned knowledge and useful insights on how to design for gestural interfaces, how to integrate interactivity smoothly into digital magazines and what it takes to build an issue for the iPad.”

Write a Book? Surely You Can’t Be Serious!
Rafael Marquez, 42Media Solutions
“Books lend legitimacy and authority to their authors. Writing and publishing a book, is a lot easier… READ MORE Books lend legitimacy and authority to their authors. Writing and publishing a book, is a lot easier than people think it is. I plan to go over tips and techniques people can follow to complete their first book. I also plan to show people how they can self publish their book as well. I will publish a book from the stage, during the presentation as a demo for the process.”

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