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Temple Run Rejoins Top Android Apps List

Temple Run rejoins the free Android apps list this week at No. 8, according to research from Google Play. Instagram and Netflix also remain on the list despite unpopular policy changes at the photosharing company and an outage on Christmas Eve at the video streaming company.

Below, we’ve listed the top free Android apps of the week. The list links to Google Play’s research about the individual apps, including user reviews.

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The 5 Most Uninstalled Android Gaming Apps

While they may be the most popular, Angry Birds, Temple Run and Fruit Ninja have something else in common.  According to Hooked, a game discovery engine for the Google Play Marketplace, they are also some of the most uninstalled gaming apps.

“The problem is not that there is anything wrong with these games, these are terrific games that people love,” said Prita Uppal, CEO of Hooked. ”It is really a matter of app discovery and consumers not being able to find the right app. App discovery needs to evolve to help drive more quality installs, so the right consumer is installing the right apps.”

Hooked has pulled this information from 20 million online and mobile users that use Google Play to download games over the past 60 days. Below is the list, with links to the games.

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Magisto’s Video Editing App Can Automatically Shorten Your Terrible Videos


You know the kind of videos I’m talking about: the ones where you hold the camera while a kid opens gifts at a birthday party, or where you film a crowd of people making small talk at an event. Not only are these videos painful to watch in their entirety, they’re also too time-consuming to edit. Magisto just released an Android app that automatically skips to the good parts of your video and does the editing for you. To test it out, I made the worst video I could think of: a play-by-play of my morning commute to work.

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Tonight: NBA Players Stephen Curry and Brandon Jennings to Talk NBA Finals with Fans on PlayUp


Prior to social media, sports commentary was a one-way conversation between television experts and viewers. This week, when LeBron James and the Miami Heat take on Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder at the 2012 NBA Finals, fans can talk to insiders directly through PlayUp, a social networking app for sports fans. Tonight’s game will feature a live hangout session with Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry.

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Smozzy Gives Free Web-Access Via Texting On Android Phones


Smozzy, new Android app launched with the help of T-Mobile’s unlimited messaging plan, helps users surf the web for free. Smozzy intelligently encapsulates the communication between the browser and the web as SMS and MMS, thereby enabling users who do not have unlimited data plans to use their Android devices to surf around. The app is currently in beta, and has been tested only on Nexus S and HTC G2 devices.

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Why Twitter is a Google Shopper’s Best Friend


One of the greatest things about social media is the way you can marry different concepts for endless possibilities. Google mixes well with almost anything, of course, and so it makes sense that one of Google’s newer services combines so well with Twitter. Google Shopper, an app that lets you search items, scan barcodes, and use voice recognition to aid your shopping experience, has the Twitter world abuzz. Here’s why…and how you can use tweets to leverage Google Shopper. Read more

5 Android Apps Only a Mother Could Love

There are Android apps that are useful, inspiring, and downright cool. Then there are those apps that are the opposite of fun: boring, overly practical, and stuffy. Here are apps that only a mother could love — both because only a mother would be proud of her son or daughter for making them, and because neurotic mothers are the main people who would actually download them for regular use. Read more