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What Brands Are Really Doing on Instagram


Facebook has spread itself all over the map with the help of its photo-sharing app, Instagram. Since Facebook brought the versatile photo editing and sharing tool into the fold in 2012, the platform has seen 2 million likes, comments and shares of Instagram photos. Brands are starting to experiment with the app as a marketing tool, but early use cases show that they’re not just there for the aesthetics.

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Microsoft Providing Developer Tools To Access Windows Live


If you use mobile apps that work with Facebook or Twitter then you are probably familiar with the process for giving those apps permission to access your account on those services. Microsoft is now providing developers the ability to access Windows Live accounts in the same manner, which means third party apps can access information like contacts and photos on Hotmail, Messenger, and SkyDrive.
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Five Ways to Benefit from LinkedIn’s New APIs


Facebook and Twitter share buttons have become ubiquitous, but you don’t see the equivalent from LinkedIn nearly as often. To remedy this concern, I suspect, LinkedIn is throwing open the doors to its new developer platform, following a trial it ran back in October. You know how I am … less interested in the technology itself and more inclined to focus on the application of it. So, let’s take a look at five ways you can put these cool new tools to work to drive marketing value for your company.

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msnbc.com’s EveryBlock Offers Firehose API to Publishers

EveryBlockLogo.jpgEveryBlock, the msnbc.com-owned hyperlocal news aggregator, is opening up its firehose, releasing an application-programming interface to its partners that will give them access to all EveryBlock feeds, calling it a heavyweight alternative to the customizable widget it launched in August.

Daniel X. O’Neil, co-founder and people person at EveryBlock, wrote on the EveryBlock Blog:

Today we’re announcing the EveryBlock partner API, a new way for our content partners to deliver neighborhood news at the level of neighborhood or city block.

This API is designed to provide you with raw access to the latest neighborhood news on EveryBlock, across all of the cities we serve. Read our documentation for more information.

This is a “firehose” API that delivers up to 24 hours of news items across our 16 cities. Since we deal with a diversity of news that varies in kind and format from city to city, this API is intended to serve partners with heavy-duty needs and who can devote a goodly amount of development time to work with the data.

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