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Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Graph Search | Twitter Direct Message Syncing


The Wait Ends: Facebook Begins Graph Search Rollout (AllFacebook)
Graph Search, which Facebook began slowly rolling out in beta in January, is ready for the next step, as the social network announced Monday that all users with U.S. English as their selected language will gain access to the feature “in the next few weeks,” telling ABC News “several hundreds of millions of people” will get Graph Search this week. Facebook also announced improvements to Graph Search that it was able to implement as a result of its beta test.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Google Announcements | Amy’s Baking Co.

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Google’s Big Push to Own Social Starts Now (CNET)
Nearly two years after the launch of Google+, Google’s social strategy looks like less of a joke and more of a calculated maneuver to make its social network the underlying fabric that weaves together relationships spread across desktop and mobile, Android and iOS. Wednesday, at its annual Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, the search company announced 41 new features for its Google+ social network, including a Pinterest-like look, auto-generated related hashtags, “Awesome” photo options, and a streamlined messaging experience.

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Apple Announces Facebook Integration | Twitter Opens New Headquarters in Style | Americans Skeptical of Social Media

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Apple Brings Facebook Integration to Mobile and Desktop OS (Inside Facebook)
Apple announced Monday at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that iOS 6 will be released in “the fall” and it will include Facebook integration and OSX Mountain Lion, which allows users to sign in once and easily post back to the social network. Similar to Apple’s Twitter integration, iOS 6 offers the “tap to post” option directly from iOS 6, and sharing from Photos, Safari, Maps and other applications. VentureBeat The Facebook integration, interestingly enough, even extends to iTunes and the App Store. In iOS 6, the App Store will feature Facebook “like” buttons, and users will be able to see which applications their friends like. PC Magazine Apple introduced a revamped Maps app for iOS 6 that ditches Google Maps in favor of an in-house offering developed in Cupertino, Calif. It will replace the Google Maps app that currently comes pre-installed on all iOS devices. ZDNET The long keynote by Apple execs was long on new products, the most impressive being the new MacBook Pro. The 15.4-inch retina display pushes the portable line into the high-performance realm, with powerful components packed in a MacBook Air thin frame. The Huffington Post Siri in iOS 6 will come with several new knowledge bases: Users will soon be able to ask their iPhones for sports scores, games’ scheduled start times, historical information about athletes, restaurant information and reservation availability, movie times and reviews and actor and actress and director filmographies. Apple’s strongest, most dazzling weapon in the war to differentiate its iPhone from all those other smartphones just received a fresh stockpile of ammunition. VentureBeat As a group, iOS developers scraped together a grand total of $2.5 billion between last year’s WWDC and Monday. The company announced that third-party developers for its platform had earned $5 billion to date — that’s double the $2.5 billion figure touted at last year’s event. Read more

Facebook Search | From Reddit to Wedding | TweetDeck Back to Normal

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Facebook Delves Deeper Into Search (Bloomberg Businessweek)
Searching the social network could get a lot better in the near future. About two dozen Facebook engineers, led by a former Google engineer named Lars Rasmussen, are working on an improved search engine, say two people familiar with the project who did not want to be named because the company is in a quiet period ahead of its IPO. AllFacebook Speaking of the IPO, speculation about Facebook’s search initiatives heated up when the social network announced its intentions to go public February 1. That week co-founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg posted a picture of his desk, in which a MacBook displaying what looked like a Facebook page with a large search box was visible. SocialTimes Google, which owns 67 percent of the search market in the U.S., has a clear advantage in being able to index sites from across the Web, while Facebook appears to be working internally with pages and profiles. Mashable Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has consistently downplayed the level of direct competition between Facebook and Google. “I don’t think that this is going to be the type of situation when one company wins all this stuff,” he told Charlie Rose of PBS last fall. Tom’s Guide So how will this new search engine affect Facebook’s relationship with Microsoft? Zuckerberg still meets every few months with Qi Lu, president of Microsoft’s online services division, sources claim. There may be no ruffling of feathers at all, but rather a huge opportunity for two separate types of search engines to work together in harmony to create a huge Google rival, loaded with data Google probably still covets. Read more

Just Launched: Mobilewalla App Ranking System

It seems like there’s an app for everything, even for finding apps. Launched today, Mobilewalla is a slick new search tool that rates and ranks mobile applications sold on Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 app stores.

The interface is colorful and fun to navigate. Users can search for apps by category, name, price or keywords and will find them ranked according to the usefulness of the app as well as the reputation of the developer.   Currently, Google Maps tops the list of “All Time Greats,” with an app score of 99 out of 100.   Apple is also leading the app race with 373,052 applications made at time of this post, with Android following closely behind at 234,489.

“We aim to be for the app world a comprehensive consumer guide as well as an unbiased rating system,” said Mobilewalla founder and executive chairman Anindya Datta, Phd., in a statement.

Datta’s last venture, Chutney Technologies, was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2005.   Mobilewalla, which is based in Atlanta, GA, received funding from private investors and scientific research grants from government agencies in Singapore.