Almost Half of iPhone Users Are Using YouTube’s App

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When news that Apple’s iOS6 would be shipping without the built-in YouTube app hit the presses iPhone users everywhere were thrown into a panic…that is, until YouTube launched their own dedicated app on iPhone and iPod Touch in September. Months later, YouTube topped Apple’s 2012 top free iPhone apps chart and now mobile data company Onavo reports that nearly half of all iPhone users are active on YouTube.

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YouTube Tops Apple’s 2012 Top Free iPhone Apps Chart

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As the end of the year approaches, Apple has released its AppStore Best of 2012, a list of the year’s top sellers, notable trends and editors’ picks. On the paid front, Angry Birds Space took the number one spot for the best selling iPhone and iPad app of 2012. Skype topped the charts on the free iPad apps chart, but on iPhone the most downloaded free app was Google’s YouTube app.

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Yes, iOS 6 Is Dropping the YouTube App…Now Can We Please Stop Talking About It?

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Since yesterday afternoon my Google Reader has been flooded with articles about Apple dropping the YouTube app from iOS 6. I’ve read seventeen different posts on the matter, from CNET to the Google Operating System blog and even The Washington Post. Say goodbye to YouTube in iOS 6! Apple’s giving YouTube the boot! We get it. Now can we please stop talking about it?

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What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About PaperShare

David Greschler, CEO/Co-Founder of PaperShare & Douglas A. Brown, CTO/Co-Founder

PaperShare is a social content network that enables businesses and marketers to distribute their product, technical and marketing materials within a targeted social environment.

Companies can create profile pages and upload business and marketing materials. Individuals in the same industry can follow an organization to stay current when new content is posted.

After the jump — what you need to know about PaperShare.

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What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Conversocial

Joshua March, Co-founder & CEO, Conversocial

Conversocial is a scalable customer service platform for Facebook and Twitter designed to reduce the risks of social media marketing. With collaborative workflow, automation and prioritization, teams can filter comments that need to be dealt with quickly, reducing the chances that important issues will be overlooked.

After the jump — what you need to know about Conversocial.

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PlayUp Aims to Be Exclusive Social Network for Sports Fans


For most sports fans, watching a game has always and will forever be a social event. NFL Sunday, March Madness, the Olympics, and anything involving the playoffs are much anticipated and social-centered affairs. While smartphones and Twitter in particular have connected sports fans around the world while watching games, one social network is attempting to streamline fandom, hoping it will occur exclusively within their online world. Read more

What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Wahooly

Dana Severson, Cofounder, Wahooly

Wahooly is designed to help startups with word of mouth marketing from a group of individuals identified as socially-capable and with a vested interest in seeing them succeed in the long term. Individuals can potentially invest in hundreds of startups — not with money — but with their time and social influence.

After the jump — what you need to know about Wahooly

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What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About ReTargeter

Arjun Dev Arora, CEO & Founder, ReTargeter

ReTargeter is a web-based platform that combines online advertising retargeting software and social media marketing. When prospective users or clients visit a brand’s site and leave without converting, ReTargeter follows them and serves them ads encourage them to return to the brand’s site and convert.

After the jump — what you need to know about ReTargeter

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