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Artists Creates Immersive Social Installation to Experience Strangers’ Social Feeds

If you’re an artist, you might ask yourself, “how does it feel to be inside someone else’s social media stream?” That’s what artists Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald asked – perhaps they were tired of the bombardment from their own stream or maybe they’re just really in love with social media?

In the video below, you can watch as users experience the phenomena they created called Social Soul. It’s an installation at TED 2014. Attendees uses their smartphone to access their Social Soul – a soul mate that’s discoverable, experienced, and streamed in 360 degrees of public social media postings. It’s intense, disorienting, and beautiful. At the end of the show, users are encouraged to contact their social soulmate.

Social Soul from MKG on Vimeo.

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Modern Faraday Cage Exhibit Turns Off All Cellular Signals


siblingonoff2The On/Off room in Melbourne, Australia is unlike other rooms – it’s intended to help its inhabitants unplug from the intensity of the tech world. Inspired by the works of Michael Faraday, the modern gridded cage blocks all form of electronic signals including WiFi and cellular signals. It’s like leaving the city behind for a forest of perforated metallic walls. In other words, torturous.

Artist Statement:

The right of connection – to housing, health, education, the internet, financial capital – allows humans to improve the spaces they occupy in the world. Heightened connectivity also demands an opposite tendency: the ability to switch off.  Read more

Awesome Illustrated Wallpapers for Your All of Your Digital Devices

wallpaperDoodlers Anynamous is a blog where you can discover amazing artists and illustrators; it’s a treasure trove of great talent and some of the featured work is available as free wallpaper downloads for your phones and tablets.  My favorite is a piece from Miami -based illustrator, Edau, whose creatures are quirky and cute. Web designer and illustrator, Muxxi, also made a wallpaper contribution : a magical scene with a giant, heart-patterned, diamond gazing alien child. It’s definitely a conversation starter.

To get your free wallpaper, visit the Drawn Wallpapers for the Digital Age archive and select your favorite. They come in sizes for iPhones, iPads, Androids and Tablets.

Explore San Franciso’s Prolific Murals with This Street Art App

Most visitors to San Francisco visit The Golden Gate Bridge or China Town, but if you are not familiar with the city’s great wall murals, you might miss them altogether. To help you discover some great street art, there’s a nice little app that’s been put together by 1:AM Gallery (named after the 1st Amendment).

The content is user-generated and each photo can take you to their exact location using the geo tags. You can even browse by location – just open the map and view works within walking distance. I especially like the feature for directions that can take you to the highest rated murals. Read more

The Met Launches 100-Episode Web Series On Eye-Opening Art

The Met Web Series

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has turned to the web to share eye-opening artwork with the world in a new web series, “82nd & Fifth”. The series, which consist of 100 two-minute videos, two of which will be released each Wednesday through December 25, features The Met’s curators talking about “100 works of art that changed the way they see the world.”

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Redditors Hatch A Plan For A Gallery & Online Store To Support Art On Reddit… But Is It Feasible?


Have you ever seen an image shared on Reddit that you wouldn’t mind hanging on your wall? Have you wished you could support talent on the social news site with more than just upvotes? One Redditor wants to support artists on Reddit with a new initiative—a gallery and online store where people can purchase prints of the amazing art spawned by the Reddit community.

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