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Professional Basketball Franchise Sacramento King Embraces Google Glass and Bitcoins

As far as tech titles go, NBA’s Sacramento King is the first sports franchise to broadcast a professional basketball game using Google Glass. Further, the team has also embraced the use of Bitcoins. Fans can now purchase goods inside its retail store in Sacramento. Online purchases of tickets and merchandise will begin in March.

For those looking to see the first game experience using the Glass, tune in this week on January 24, for the Sacramento Kings vs. Indiana Pacers. You’ll see game perspectives from select players, mascots, and dancers. Here’s a preview:

Overstock.com Now Accepts Bitcoins as Payment

Major online retailer, Overstock, will now accept Bitcoints as a payment option, so if you’ve  been aching to use your digital currency, here’s your chance to buy fresh new sheets:

You can now pay for all your favorite products on Overstock.com using Bitcoins! As the first major retailer to accept Bitcoins, Overstock.com is expanding the possibilities of Bitcoin purchases by offering thousands of products to the Bitcoin community.


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Reddit Now Accepting Bitcoins as Real Currency


Money is not entirely meaningless, but I am beginning to think it’s less tangible than my Facebook friendships. First Facebook announced that it was issuing its own credit card, then Amazon concocted its own Kindle coins, and now Reddit has announced it will be accepting Bitcoins for premium service. I need an app just to maintain the copious varieties of currencies that have flooded the interwebs.

What exactly can you purchase with Bitcoins? On Reddit, Bitcoins are worth perks and privileges. For $3.99/mo, users can eliminate ads, save comments, and view more comments per page. There are over 200 million USD worth of Bitcoins in circulation, and its value has doubled since the beginning of 2013 from $13.50 to over $27.00 (USD). This trend is likely to continue given the influence of Reddit users on politics and technology.

Naturally, Redditors are already using Bitcoins to fund on-line stripping. Users are posting partially nude photos along with their Bitcoin account where tippers can send Bitcoins to encourage more stripping. This only goes to prove that sex, money, and the internet will be constant no matter which currency you choose.