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Apple To Manufacture Macs In The U.S.

Apple is reportedly planning to manufacture its Mac computer in the United States. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the news in an interview with Brian Williams which will air on NBC tonight.

NBC News explains: “Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that one of the existing Mac lines will be manufactured exclusively in the United States next year, making the comments during an exclusive interview with Brian Williams airing tonight at 10pm/9c on NBC’s ‘Rock Center.’  Mac fans will have to wait to see which Mac line it will be because Apple, widely known for its secrecy, left it vague.”

Apple has faced criticism after Foxconn, a factory that manufacturers many of its products, has come under scrutiny for unsafe work conditions. Since then Cook has hired a group to investigate unsafe conditions. But since then the factory has had riots among workers. (Via Sarah Weinman).

Here’s What Will Make The Apple TV Different

Apple CEO Tim Cook is interviewed by NBC News anchor Brian Williams tonight, and in a preview clip, he hints that Apple has something brewing in the TV space.

“When I go into my living room and turn on the TV, I feel like I have gone backwards in time by 20 to 30 years,” Cook told Williams. “It’s an area of intense interest. I can’t say more than that.”

As it happens, on Tuesday of this week, Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS, said that he met with Cook a few weeks ago, though he wouldn’t say about what. Last week, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes insinuated that he also met with Cook recently. Apple is clearly working on a TV product, but given the current state of TV sets and cable boxes, what would make it different?

The two keys are software and content.

An Apple TV set will undoubtedly feature the software that the Apple TV product currently has. It makes it easy to watch videos from Netflix and iTunes on your existing TV set. That said, at this moment in time, Apple needs to give customers access to the shows that want to watch in order to have a succesful product, that is the content side of the equation.

There are two ways to do this: partner with a cable or satellite company, or partner with the content companies themselves.

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2011 Tribeca Film Festival, Meet 2011 Tribeca (Online) Film Festival

The 2011 Tribeca Film Festival announced an online component, the 2011 Tribeca (Online) Film Festival, which will run concurrently with the festival April 20-May 1 and be supported by American Express.

The 2011 Tribeca (Online) Film Festival will offer free viewing of feature films and short films and allow users to engage with filmmakers and industry experts. Content is divided into five areas: Festival Streaming Room, Live from …, Tribeca Q&A, Filmmaker Feed, and blog Future of Film.

Festival Streaming Room will offer six feature films and 18 short films, including two and four, respectively, that are premiering at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival.

Live from … will present live streams of events from the festival, including its opening press conference, red-carpet premieres, and awards show.

Tribeca Q&A will allow users to submit questions to 20-25 subjects including: Tribeca’s Jane Rosenthal, Geoff Gilmore, and Nancy Schafer; Whoopi Goldberg; Brian Williams; filmmakers David Gordon Green and Zach Braff; and other participating Tribeca (Online) filmmakers, programmers, actors, jurors, and film experts, and more. The top questions chosen by community members will be submitted.

Filmmaker Feed is a source for information on all filmmakers featured at the festival, including biographies, interviews, favorite links, social-media feeds (Twitter/Facebook), blog posts, and video updates.

And blog Future of Film features experts from film and technology commenting on the ever-changing media environment.

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams Releases App for iPhone, iPod Touch

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams is reporting live from your iPhone or iPod Touch, as the show’s app is now available free-of-charge via the App Store.

The app offers access to top news stories, along with daily reports from Brian Williams and weekend contributions from Lester Holt. It also features content from Williams’ blog, Making a Difference reports, and health and science stories. And users can follow Nightly News on Twitter and Facebook directly via the app.

Daily Interactive Networks developed the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams app.

NBC Nightly News executive producer Bob Epstein said, “Nightly’s app is just one more way for viewers to get the latest news and information where they want it, when they want it. We hope to engage more viewers in conversation about the latest news, and this is one easy way for everyone to participate on the go.

NBC’s Daily Nightly Blog Celebrates 5 Years


Monday May 31 “NBC Nightly News’” Daily Nightly blog will be five years old. Five years of behind the scenes information, and of course the musings of anchor Brian Williams.

Timed to the fifth anniversary, NBC has redesigned the blog, with “share” features to push posts to Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere getting prominent placement.

On May 31, 2005 Williams wrote:

We hope this will be a useful supplement to viewers of Nightly News, as both a narrative and as a window into our editorial process. We had hoped to file this inaugural issue earlier in the day, but we work in a busy place where decisions need to be made constantly… and then changed.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and today the blog still sticks to the tried and true format.

Five years is an eternity in the blog world, so a toast on this long holiday weekend is in order. Or at least a celebratory hot dog at the annual Memorial Day BBQ.

NBC Takes Viewers Inside (and Online) The White House

NBC’s two-night “Inside the Obama White House” premieres tomorrow night. But producers, editors, photographers and anchor Brian Williams have been working on the special for days…and Tweeting about it too.

Click here to see the Twitpics from the last several days via @InsideObamaWH. Meanwhile, msnbc.com has set up a special page with some of the interviews already conducted, a who’s who in the cabinet and other stories related to Pres. Obama. The special airs tomorrow night and Wednesday night on NBC-TV.


One Year Later, CBS Corp.’s CNet Acquisition

AdAge takes a look at the $1.8 billion CBS-CNet merger one year later. Calling it “the marriage of the oldest of old media with the oldest of new media,” Michael Learmonth writes that the cultures have meshed, “in part, because most CNet journalists have old-media print backgrounds, and because the CBS old guard gets that CBS News’ storied brands must be given some relevance on the web to have a 24-hour presence in the news.”

Katie Couric has embraced the medium and is pushing to do exclusive web coverage of events such as President Barack Obama’s first 100 days. She has 24,739 Twitter followers, which is about 24,739 more than NBC’s Brian Williams, who blogs enthusiastically but refuses to Twitter. A coming redesign of CBSNews.com will stress visuals and video, CBS’s strengths, and CBS has launched a number of web shows, including Bob Schieffer‘s “Washington Unplugged.”

So what are the results?

CBSNews.com’s traffic is still flat compared with a year ago, and it has a long way to go before it’s even in the same league as MSNBC, Yahoo News or NYTimes.com. [CBS Interactive President Neil] Ashe said CBS Interactive will make money on online news, and it has won at least one new advertiser in Microsoft, a longtime CNet advertiser that sponsors CBS News’ online video.