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New App Optimizes Your iPhone Videos for YouTube

YouTube Capture

This afternoon YouTube announced a brand new app for iPhone and iPod touch called YouTube Capture that optimizes the camera on your device for shooting and uploading videos to YouTube. YouTube Capture is designed to simplify the process of shooting mobile video and uploading it to YouTube, allowing you to shoot, touch up, caption and share videos to YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter in just a few clicks.

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Paper Camera Turns Pictures Into Drawings


Few smartphones have a camera that is as good as a standard digital camera, but they are good enough for snapshots when you are out with friends. One area in which smartphone cameras excel is in effects, which compensates for low resolution by turning pictures into works of art. Paper Camera turns pictures that you take with an Android or iOS phone into drawings.
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Will Apple Introduce a Product with a 3D Camera in the Near Future?


3D technology has not captured the attention of the average consumer or even the power-user techie yet. But, that day is coming soon in my opinion. It started with 3D TVs (which are very expensive – typical of first generation products) and the second generation Fujifilm W3 3D camera last year. In 2011, we’ve seen announcements for several Android based smartphones and tablets that feature 3D cameras and, in some cases, glass-free lenticular 3D viewing displays. The release of Nintendo’s 3DS 3D mobile gaming console this past weekend will probably get a lot more people thinking about and actually working with 3D viewing and photo creation. However, the biggest push for 3D might come if Apple jumps into the market.
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The Newest Fad is the Oldest Look — The Retro Photo Revolution for iPhone


Years of and millions of dollars in R&D have resulted in digital cameras finally having picture quality truly equal to their high end conventional counterparts. And while the first camera phones were laughable novelties that provided you with ‘images’ not fit to be displayed on a Commodore computer, an iPhone capture would have to be considered pretty respectable for casual purposes. So what’s the next logical step? You got it – a program that degrades image quality to that of a plastic 1970s camera!

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Inexpensive HD Camcorders: 6 Alternatives to the Flip

flipAs technology advances, cameras become smaller, sleeker, faster and the images become more high def while the technology becomes easier to use. The Flip video camera revolutionized camcorders by being simple to use with no software to download, only a simple USB connection to a computer allowing users to instantly download web-ready video. While the Flip cam is amazingly simple to use, there are now many viable alternatives:

1. RCA Small Wonder- hailed as a less expensive competitor to the Flip, it offers a swivel screen so users can view the video as it is being shot, it has an SD card slot for expanded memory and now allows users to post directly to YouTube. A DVD recorder doubles as a Small Wonder Direct Dock with one-touch functionality. Read more