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YouTube Now Offering Content Translation in 36 Languages

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YouTube has gone to great lengths to help creators make their content available to viewers around the globe, regardless of language. Their auto-captioning and translation feature was a start, and last September the video site took things to a new level, letting creators enlist the help of friends for caption translation. This week they’ve announced a new ‘Request translation’ feature that lets creators connect directly with translation vendors and pay to have their captions translated by professionals.

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YouTube Invites Viewers To Blow The Whistle On Publishers That Don’t Have Closed Captions

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Over the summer the FCC mandated that by the end of September all television networks and online video sites providing TV content would have to provide closed captions. Now that the new law has gone into effect, YouTube has launched an initiative to hold these publishers to the new rule, asking viewers to call them out on content that has yet to be captioned.

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YouTube Expands Automatic Captions To Spanish Videos


This morning YouTube announced that they are expanding their language accessibility to include automatic captions in Spanish. Spanish language videos with recognizable speech should now have a “CC” button at the bottom of the player that you can click and choose “Transcribe Audio” to instantly caption the videos using YouTube’s auto-captioning technology.

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