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The Great Catsby: An Internet Musical


The Great Catsby is an internet phenomenon that started with a symphony of cat-shopped covers of Fitzgerald’s literary masterpiece and emerged as naturally as cats and musicals often do – with lots of singing. The final cat-daptation deserves some serious accolades. Cats, music, and great literature – how can you go wrong?

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Your Cat Video Could Win $15,000 In ‘The Friskies’ Cat Video Awards

The Friskies

Think your cat has what it takes to hold his (or her) ground in a cat video competition? Friskies is sponsoring a cat video awards show called The Friskies (of course!) and they’re weeding out the best of the best in four cat video categories—cat behavior, cat comedy, indoor cat adventure and catchball. The winner in each category takes home $2,500 and one grand prize winner walks away with a whopping $15,000!

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Social Media Newsfeed: Spotify Losses | British PM on Twitter | Facebook Suit

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SpotifyIs Spotify’s Business Model Broken? (CNET)
Spotify’s financial performance in 2011 was abysmal. As revenue increased 151 percent from 2010, the on-demand streaming music service saw losses widen 60 percent for the same period, according to documents posted by PrivCo, a company that sells data on non-publicly traded companies. BetaBeat Virtually every new dollar of revenue went directly to music companies as royalty payments, evidencing the fact that the more members Spotify adds, the more money the company loses. This is a clear indication that the online licensing fee/royalty model is increasingly restricting Spotify’s ability to generate sustainable margins using its freemium model. The Next Web Spotify’s 311 employees grew salary costs 173 percent year-over-year in 2011, outpacing revenue growth, according to PrivCo. Business Insider Unlike Groupon, Spotify can’t just trim its marketing spend to cut its losses. It either has to completely change its business strategy, or get much better at its business. TechCrunch In related news, Warner Music Group’s owner Access Industries and previous investor Idinvest are investing $130 million into music streaming startup Deezer. Even though the company is doing well in its country of origin, France, it is still at the very beginning of its international expansion. Read more

Friday Morning Laughs – A Screaming Sheep & Cat Videos Galore

Relaxed Cat

Good morning, folks! Friday is here at last (TGIF!) and, as usual, we’ve compiled a list of funny videos to brighten up your day as you prepare for the weekend. Today’s Friday Morning Laughs includes a funny screaming sheep, a whole lotta cat videos and a hilarious look at the iPhone 5. So grab a cup o’ joe, take a seat and get ready for some lolz.

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Kittywood Studios: The Very Serious Business Of Cat Viral Video Production [Video]

3D Keyboard Cat

The first time the Founder and CEO of Kittywood Studios saw the Internet he said, “The future of the Internet is cats.” And this was the first time he looked at the Internet. He didn’t even know what it was! He uploaded his first cat video in 1994 and now, seventeen years later, he has turned cat videos into a billion dollar industry.

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KittehRoulette: It’s Like ChatRoulette, Only Cuter

KittehRoulette Image

KittehRouletteKittehRoulette is redefining cute with a Chatroulette parody site that brings users videos of one of the most popular and viral things on the web – adorable cats. Go to the site to see videos of random cats, like this skateboarding cat or this cat with a bag on his head. If you don’t like the one you see, just click “next kitteh” to see a different one, just like in Chatroulette.
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