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A Brief History Of Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning… and Their New Project


“Who are the Seans?” one might ask. Well, they may not officially be ‘The Seans’ just yet, but if their most recent venture blows up, they may well achieve that single name, ‘Winkelvii’ type status (without the d-bag-y conotations). Individually, you just may have heard of them though. Sean Parker? You know – that guy played by the pop star in one of last year’s biggest movies, Founding President of Facebook; the one that seems to have the Midas Touch with any tech startup? That Sean. Then there’s Shawn Fanning (sorry buddy, the ‘Sean’ spelling is more popular). In creating Napster, he almost single-handedly changed (Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich would write that as ‘destroyed’) the music industry. Yeah, they’ve done stuff.

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Shop for Charity with Endorse for a Cause

You can now support your favorite charity with the click of a mouse using Endorse for a Cause. This new social media / philanthropy platform was launched last week, and connects consumers with charities using social networking and online shopping to encourage people to show their support. Each purchase that a user completes – either directly through Endorse for a Cause or through one of the more than 500 retailers – sees a percentage of the money spent go towards a charity of the user’s choice. While philanthropic shopping isn’t new, Endorse for a Cause is unique in how it leverages user’s existing social networks to promote charity. Below the jump, a detailed look at how you can shop for a cause.
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Twitter And SMS Fundraising Goes Mainstream

Twitter Icon

Twitter_button As our social networks grow, so too does our power to spread awareness and calls for action pertaining to the causes we feel matter. The fundraising efforts of many grassroots, mass mobilization, celebrity, and other campaigns on Twitter and through text message has reached new heights with the response to the earthquake in Haiti, and other organizations are quick to see the power of the 140-character message.
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