Celly Co-founder Russell Okamoto on Shrinking Networks, Raising $1.4 Million

Celly Android

Instead of one large network, Celly aims to build millions of smaller networks, or “cells,” that are interconnected. People are always building new social networks, said Okamoto: students and teachers in a classroom, activist groups like Occupy Wall Street, or sports fans sitting in the same stadium for a game. These “emergent networks,” as he calls them, are often disbanded as quickly as they were formed.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Apple-Facebook Hacking Link | eBay Feed


Apple Hit By Hackers Who Struck Facebook (The Wall Street Journal)
Apple said Tuesday that some of its employees’ Mac computers were attacked by hackers, a rare admission for a company that has long touted its security over PCs running Windows software. The malicious code in the latest attack is believed to have been the same discovered by Facebook, which said on Friday that its employees’ computers were breached by hackers last month.

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