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New Video Platform Asks How Far You’d Go To Raise Money For Charity

Shower Fountain

Just how far would you go to raise money for charity (or for yourself)? Moolta, a video site that just launched today, lets users challenge their friends for charity or cash. Co-founder and CEO Noam Schwartz calls it “YouTube and Kickstarter’s awesome love child.” But with challenges like “shower in a public fountain,” “go into a bar naked,” and “give Santa a lap dance in the middle of a shopping mall,” I call it an arrest waiting to happen!

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Overly Attached Girlfriend Uses Viral Fame To Raise Money For Charity

Overly Attached Girlfriend

By now you’re probably familiar with the Overly Attached Girlfriend, the wide-eyed, stalker of Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Drake and others. Well now Laina Morris, the real girl behind the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme, has decided to use her YouTube viral fame for good. This week she launched a new YouTube Series, Dare To Share, in an effort to raise money for good causes.

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Bullied Girl Posts Story on Reddit; Bully Is Arrested

Cyber Bullying Icon

A Maryland student tired of being bullied posted her story on Reddit to help her in “gaining momentum” for a plan to get the bully punished.  The bully engaged in all sorts of online and offline bullying, and after the student – under the pseudonym “Sarah” – started to dig around she found that other students had also been complaining.  As the evidence mounted, a picture began to form: the bully was a menacing, vitriolic young man with a propensity for death threats.

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How Do the Top 40 Canadian Non-Profits Use Social Media [Infographic]


The great folks at Hill and Knowlton over in Canada have crafted an intriguing study of the top 40 Canadian non-profits and how each of them use social media to connect with their users.  It’s interesting to note the success of the Doctors without Borders program, which has the highest number of likes and comments, while they don’t even hit the top 5 when it comes to how much they post on their own page.

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Ben Stiller Launches The Jennifer Anniston Naked Foundation To Build Schools Around The World

Ben Stiller Foundation

Ben Stiller has launched a new foundation to support children around the globe through educational initiatives. His foundation is raising money to build schools in impoverished areas around the world and, Stiller says, while that in itself has been challenging, what has been even more challenging is coming up with a name for the project.

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Children’s Miracle Network Uses Social Media to Raise $100 Million


The 100 Million Miracles program is an effort to use social media platforms to raise $100 million to benefit the more than 17 million children and families that the charity supports each year. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals anticipates that its supporters – both individuals and corporations – will use their social media channels to spread the word to support children’s hospitals across North America.

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