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Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter, CBS Ad Partnership | Facebook Mobile Payments


Twitter Partners with CBS for Massive Video-Ads-Within-Tweets Program (AllTwitter)
Twitter and CBS are partnering up to bring live video clips to a Twitter timeline near you through its Amplify program. This is the biggest partnership of its kind for Twitter, with CBS planning on incorporating Twitter-based ads into 42 of its TV shows and many of its Web properties.

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Google+ Blocked by the Great Firewall of China


The Chinese government has blocked Google+ and other Google products while the Communist Party holds its 18th Party Congress in Beijing. In addition to users in China receiving an error message when they attempt to access Google-owned sites, foreign website owners will not be able to track Chinese visitors through Google Analytics. Our Google+ analytics tool, GPlusData, showed a drop-off in the number of posts on the social network beginning on November 8, when the congress began.

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Renren Appoints New Independent Director


Renren, the “Facebook of China,” has added a new friend. Chuanfu Wang, a manufacturing executive who was named BusinessWeek’s Star of Asia in 2003, will replace Ruigang Li as an independent director on the company’s board. His appointment follows a wave of partnerships between the social network and smartphone manufacturers on Renren-enabled devices.

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The Rise of Social Media in China [Infographic]


It’s easy to assume that America is the hub of world social media — especially considering the origins of Facebook — but the truth is that recent surveys of Chinese Internet users have shown that 95% of them use social networks, putting it on track to become the biggest social media savvy country in the world. Sites like Qzone, Renren and Kaixin 001 have taken off like wildfire in the country. Part of their eager appetite could be due to the fact that China is notorious for controlling state media, so the idea of a network where you can express your own views is very attractive.

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