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Apple Patent Suggests their Cloud Will be the Fluffiest of All


In a recent article on the status of the could music battle between Amazon, Google and Apple, I tendered my opinion that victory wouldn’t be based on chronological order, but on a litany of factors. I also touched on the fact that Apple has a storied history of entering the market later than competitors with a superior product and almost immediately leaving said competitors to fight for a very distant second place. Well I’m not one who revels in saying ‘I told you so’ (that’s an absolute lie, I love it) but a recently unearthed patent application strongly suggests that Apple’s cloud-based music service could be a game changer.

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The Nest To Sync Twitter Status Across Platforms


I am not aware of a Twitter app for either mobile devices or personal computers that keeps track of the tweets that you have read to filter them out so that you don’t keep seeing them. It’s the type of behavior you see with Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed readers or newsgroup apps, but not with Twitter apps. MetroTwit, which is a Windows Twitter app, and Rowi, which is a Windows Phone 7 Twitter app are teaming up to develop what they are calling the The Nest, which will be a cloud-based backend for their two applications.
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Interview: Snaptu Turns Any Mobile Phone Into A Smartphone

Snaptu Logo

snaptu logo 4Snaptu is a mobile application that everyone who owns a mobile phone absolutely needs to know about, particularly the 4 billion users out there without a Smartphone. What this free app does is bring masses of apps available to iPhones to your regular cell phone, even a $20 dingy old thing you got in Thailand, as long its Java enabled and has internet. The company was founded 3 years ago and has acquired an astonishing 14 million users so far. It works on 2,500 different phone models and contains access to many web hotspots with the most recognizable being Facebook, Twitter, Picassa and Flickr. At this stage in their popularity, mobile operators actually seek out Snaptu for rights to install it in their phones because it offers major appeal for consumers who aren’t already in the smartphone scene. Read more

Five Cool Apps to Get You Started Using Google Apps Marketplace

Google has released a new weapon for its quest to conquer the cloud computing space dubbed the Google Apps Marketplace. Google describes its Apps Marketplace as

products and services designed for Google users, including installable apps that integrate directly with Google Apps

These installable apps are easy to use because they include single sign-on, Google’s universal navigation and some even features that integrate with your domain’s data. Although I’m could not really see any use for those apps as I’m not an administrator of our company’s enterprise computing system, I checked the Google Apps Marketplace nonetheless. What did I find? Several cool online web apps that would really be useful if you’re running an enterprise system that uses Google Business Apps. Read more