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comScore: Daily Mobile Social Use in the EU Up. Social App Use Leads the Way


comScore’s data indicates that as of September 2011, 23.5% of mobile users in the European Union accessed social network sites. And, 46.8% of this group used a social network service daily. These daily users grew signifcantly over the two measurement periods a year apart. The audience using social networking sites daily from a mobile phone grew 67% between September 2010 and September 2011.
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Consumers Get More Than They Give, About €100 More

Consumers are dramatically benefiting from the freemium model of sites with research indicating a gap between what consumers are willing to pay and there seems to be a set threshold. According to research conducted by McKinsey, “”Only 20% of internet users choose to pay for at least one online service such as media entertainment” with suggestions inferring that “…only a price drop will increase the numbers of those willing to pay.” How sustainable is this getting more than giving practice? European market research numbers are indicating that consumers on average are getting about €10 more a month in value, or in other words taking €10 in value from providers.

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17 Social Networks Sign European Pact to Curb Cyber-Bullies

-MySpace Logo-A new pact for discouraging cyber-bullying and predatory behavior on social networks has been signed by seventeen social networking sites that have a presence in Europe, including MySpace, Bebo, Dailymotion, YouTube, and Habbo Hotel, reports Reuters. The European Commission is hoping such widespread adoption of the pact will make the Internet a safer place for children. The announcement comes on the heels of MySpace revealing its successful blocking of 90,000 registered sex offenders, some of which were later found on Facebook. And Facebook appears to be missing from this new EU pact as well, though both MySpace and Facebook have their own initiatives with state and federal authorities in the United States for the protection of their users.

Some of the concessions participating networks can make as part of the pact include auto private profiles for users under the age of 18, making them not searchable on the networks or the search engines, as well as more reporting options for users that feel others are acting maliciously in some way.
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