Social Media Newsfeed: Google Search Updates | Corey Booker Tweets with Stripper


Google Unveils Search Updates for Mobile, New Page Rank Algorithm, and Knowledge Graph Comparisons (The Next Web)
Google on Thursday announced a handful of new updates to the company’s search offering, including a major update to Google’s search algorithm that the company calls “Hummingbird.” The new algorithm affects 90 percent of all searches and has been in place for about a month, said Amit Singhal, senior vice president at Google.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Video Ads Delayed | Google NSA Challenge


Report: Launch Of Facebook Video Ads Delayed (AllFacebook)
The video ads Facebook originally planned to launch this month or in July are now on hold until at least mid-October, AdAge reported, with sources telling the magazine more development is needed on new features the social network plains to release simultaneously with its video ads. One of those new features, according to AdAge, is the incorporation of metrics from Nielsen that would provide reach estimates in terms of gross ratings points, including for ads that were viewed without audio having been activated.

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Social Media Newsfeed: LinkedIn Contacts | Bill Clinton Joins Twitter


LinkedIn Rolls Out Address Book and Calendar Management App (SocialTimes)
LinkedIn Thursday launched a feature that imports a user’s email interactions and calendars and syncs them with his or her LinkedIn contacts. LinkedIn Contacts aggregates the user’s address books, emails, and calendars and keeps them up to date on the site. The user’s most recent email interactions and calendared meetings with each of his or her LinkedIn contacts appear on that person’s profile page.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Home Privacy | Fake Twitter Followers


Facebook Answers Privacy Questions About Home (AllFacebook)
When Facebook announced Home, a heavily integrated mobile platform for Android phones, many people were worried that this is just another invasion of privacy by the social network. While Facebook will become a bigger part of users’ mobile experiences, the company swears that Home does not take any more information than the native app or desktop version of the site.

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