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Evernote’s Moleskin: A Business Analog to Digital Notebook with Plenty of Space for Play

Digital note takers, take note: Evernote’s Moleskin Business is neither all business nor all digital. Users on the analog side of the mobile device will be especially enthused. These notebooks allow you to upload your handwritten, pen-to-paper ideas to the cloud using your phone’s camera. The best part? There’s a secrete note-taking space for collaborate sharing. Just select whether you want to share the entire page or just the top section. The rest is your’s for the scribbling!
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Evernote for Android Now Supports Handwriting

Evernote’s major Android app update included a great new feature – handwriting support. The new function came from the acquisition of Penultimate in 2012. With the addition of Penultimate’s sleek handwriting technology, Android users on Evernote can now add searchable, handwritten notes to sketches while still adding additional photos and audio to your notes.

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Customization Key in Evernote iOS Updates


EvernoteEvernote, the popular note-taking super app, rolled out new features for iPhone and iPad users Thursday that will let fans customize the app in new ways.

Now users can hide sections they’re not using, while keeping those that they do front and center on the home screen. Simply go to settings and scroll through sections to add and delete your favorites. The New Note buttons were redesigned on the home screen, too, to stand out more. Users can also now select from among three color schemes: light, dark or green.

Evernote also said it “stomped” out many bugs in the latest release, improved sync function, made the app faster and improved business card scanning. Read more

Evernote Now Lets You Scan Paper Business Cards to Create Contacts

Phone cameras are highly effective tools for scanning checks for bank deposits, and now you can also add business card scanner to its talents. The new feature comes from Evernote, the comprehensive note taking app. It’s perfect for those who have a growing collection of paper business cards whose sole purpose is to be a monumental fire hazard.
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Social Media Newsfeed: Google Search Updates | Corey Booker Tweets with Stripper


Google Unveils Search Updates for Mobile, New Page Rank Algorithm, and Knowledge Graph Comparisons (The Next Web)
Google on Thursday announced a handful of new updates to the company’s search offering, including a major update to Google’s search algorithm that the company calls “Hummingbird.” The new algorithm affects 90 percent of all searches and has been in place for about a month, said Amit Singhal, senior vice president at Google.

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