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Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Android Update & Advertising | Audioboo and Twitter


Facebook Android Update Includes Ability for Home Users to Dock Their Favorite Apps (AllFacebook)
Facebook released an update to its Android application Thursday, and the biggest change is a new feature for its Home Android overlay — a new favorites tray that will allow users to store and access shortcuts to their favorite Android apps. The docking feature is aimed at addressing one of users’ biggest issues with home — complaints that it was difficult to access their non-Facebook Android apps.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter Staffing | LinkedIn Ruling | Facebook Offer

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TwitterTwitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey’s Role ‘Reduced’ Over Co-Worker Difficulties [REPORT] (Mashable)
The role of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who returned to the company as executive chairman after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus from day-to-day operations, has been “reduced” after co-workers complained he was “difficult to work with” and “repeatedly changed his mind about product directions.” Although he is still involved in strategic decisions as executive chairman, no one directly reports to him anymore. AllTwitter Dorsey, of course, is also founder of Square, and, at the time, pledged to continue his prominent role at both companies. Not anymore. The New York Times Dorsey declined to comment on how people feel about working with him. But, in a statement, he said he considered Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to be one of Twitter’s founders. “He’s had a dramatic impact on the company and the culture,” Dorsey said. “He’s questioned everything we started with and made it better.” WebProNews Twitter has launched (without any formal announcement) a new profile directory, which will allow you to browse through Twitter users in alphabetical order. Some accounts do seem to be missing, however. AllThingsD The social network has scooped up Mike Davidson as the vice president of design — a newly created position — according to a recent post on Davidson’s personal blog. Before joining the company, he was CEO and founder of Newsvine, a collaborative journalism Web site acquired by NBC News in 2007. Read more

Social Media Newsfeed: No Facebook Deal | AT&T and FaceTime | Zynga Stock

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Judge Rejects Facebook’s ‘Sponsored Stories’ Settlement (CNET)
U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg of San Francisco, Calif., has rejected Facebook’s settlement of a class-action suit regarding an ad feature that publicizes users’ “likes” of products and services to their Facebook friends but doesn’t pay the users for the endorsements or allow them to opt out. Under the proposed deal, Facebook would have given its users more control over how their “likes” were handled and would have allowed users under 18 to opt out of sponsored stories. Wired Seeborg was concerned that the deal, which provides a $10 million payout to attorneys suing Facebook and $10 million to charity in what is known as a cy pres award “was merely plucked from thin air.” In his Friday ruling, he ordered the parties to provide more information on how it reached that amount. Bloomberg Businessweek Seeborg also said that while it isn’t feasible to divide $10 million among as many as 70 million affected customers, it isn’t sufficient to justify giving that money only to advocacy groups. Lawyers for customers had argued the groups would be “watchdogs” over Facebook. Inside Facebook Facebook is once again the second-largest video site in the United States, according to comScore. The social network saw 53 million unique video viewers in July, about a third of Google’s audience but higher than the number of unique viewers on Yahoo and Vevo. Mashable Google, thanks largely to YouTube, still enjoys a comfortable lead in the race with nearly 157 million total unique viewers. Yahoo users, however, watched more videos — 625 million to Facebook’s 327 million. Facebook users watched an average of 21.7 minutes of video throughout July, while Yahoo users consumed 70.4 hours of video content. Read more

In Facebook IPO Probe, Morgan Stanley Subpoenaed | Google+ Photographers Conference | NY Weighs Anonymous Commenting Ban

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Massachusetts Joins Growing Crowd Probing Facebook IPO (PC Magazine)
Massachusetts regulators on Tuesday issued a subpoena to Morgan Stanley, the lead underwriter for Facebook’s initial public offering, in an effort to get answers about reports that some investors and not others were informed of earnings revisions for the company ahead of the IPO. The highly publicized IPO is facing scrutiny from several quarters for possible irregularities that may have occurred before the stock was floated and continued through the first day of trading. AllFacebook The hopes of collectors who sought to own one share of Facebook stock from its initial public offering last week were dashed, as paper stock certificates will not be made available, after all. CNNMoney reported that Computershare, which handles shareholder records for the social network, alerted GiveAShare.com and OneShare late last week that there would be no paper stock certificate. Reuters Facebook has agreed to settle a lawsuit that alleged the site’s “Sponsored Stories” feature publicized users’ “likes” without compensation or the ability to opt out, according to a court document filed on Tuesday. The proposed class action lawsuit, filed in a San Jose, Calif., federal court, could have included nearly one of every three Americans, with billions of dollars in damages, court documents say. PCWorld Facebook’s Timeline profiles may be getting a redesign, but this one probably won’t trigger a backlash. The new Timeline design, spotted by TPM Livewire, condenses the biographical information at the top of the page, so it’s nested within the user’s banner image instead of appearing below. Links to the user’s friends list, photos, locations and likes are tucked neatly underneath the banner, next to the user’s profile picture. Alongside those links, a new button called “Summary” leads to a list of major life events. CNET A federal judge has refused to order a Norwegian website that describes itself as “the number one socializing porn and sex network” to turn over its name to Facebook. U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White last week ruled that the court had no jurisdiction because Facebook, which sued in California, had failed to show that the owner of website Faceporn had targeted residents of the state. Read more