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IronRank App Promises to Make Your NFL Predictions More Accurate

IronRankIronRank is releasing a free Android app that can help you predict NFL game results with more accuracy than most sports pundits. Granted, sportscasters are pretty much the worst at predicting winners.

Personally, it might break my heart to see any app tell me my team will lose, but being an underdog and winning feels better than losing a game your team should have won. In general, apps are a lot better at statistics than football fans – or most any other humans since they lack emotional bonds to teams while having access to a vast supply of computing energy. Read more

Plan Your Super Bowl XLVII Party With YouTube


The most exciting football game of the year is just two and a half weeks away and YouTube wants to help you plan the best Super Bowl party ever. To this end, they’ve launched the Ad Blitz Pre-Game program, presented by Tide—a one-stop destination for playoff coverage, party recipes, tailgating tales, game predictions and more.

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Pro Soccer Teams Trade In Names For Twitter Handles On Their Jerseys

Jaguares Sol

Social networking and sports seem to be involved in a love-hate relationship, with some athletes finding themselves caught in Twitter snafus while some teams have been banned from tweeting altogether. But one football club—Mexico’s Jaguares—is fully embracing Twitter. This month they’ve done away with their traditional jerseys, replacing their names with their Twitter handles!

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Florida State Players Vote to Ban Social Media


“I don’t think it’s smart,” Fisher told The Ledger. “There’s no benefit. Tell me a benefit for getting on it? Because the only thing that comes back is negative. They read all the stuff that people say. I’ve told them, ‘Be careful. Don’t listen to it and don’t reply back.’”

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Jets, Eagles, Giants, Lead NFL Teams in Social Scoring


The NFL season is just over a week away, and the football world could not be more excited to welcome back the most popular league in North America, and one that threatened not to even take place this fall. While most people would agree that the preseason doesn’t mean very much, it doesn’t mean that fans aren’t watching and aren’t getting excited for what is ahead. The past few weeks have seen several teams take the lead in social popularity, all of which are located in the northeast. Read more

90 iPads for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Please!

Image courtesy of St. Petersburg Times.

Image courtesy of St. Petersburg Times.

Everyone seems to be using an iPad these days. So, why not professional football players? An iPad 2 has been given to each of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 90 players. The iPads are loaded with playbooks, game videos as well as practice and situational videos of any NFL team.
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