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Hands-On Social Media Training for Beginners

Social Media 101In our Social Media 101 boot camp, you'll determine the social media sites that matter most to you, based on personal and professional goals. Starting May 13, you will learn the best practices for using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, along with complete personal profiles on each site. Register today!

Pro Soccer Teams Trade In Names For Twitter Handles On Their Jerseys

Jaguares Sol

Social networking and sports seem to be involved in a love-hate relationship, with some athletes finding themselves caught in Twitter snafus while some teams have been banned from tweeting altogether. But one football club—Mexico’s Jaguares—is fully embracing Twitter. This month they’ve done away with their traditional jerseys, replacing their names with their Twitter handles!

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Florida State Players Vote to Ban Social Media


“I don’t think it’s smart,” Fisher told The Ledger. “There’s no benefit. Tell me a benefit for getting on it? Because the only thing that comes back is negative. They read all the stuff that people say. I’ve told them, ‘Be careful. Don’t listen to it and don’t reply back.’”

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Jets, Eagles, Giants, Lead NFL Teams in Social Scoring


The NFL season is just over a week away, and the football world could not be more excited to welcome back the most popular league in North America, and one that threatened not to even take place this fall. While most people would agree that the preseason doesn’t mean very much, it doesn’t mean that fans aren’t watching and aren’t getting excited for what is ahead. The past few weeks have seen several teams take the lead in social popularity, all of which are located in the northeast. Read more

90 iPads for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Please!

Image courtesy of St. Petersburg Times.

Image courtesy of St. Petersburg Times.

Everyone seems to be using an iPad these days. So, why not professional football players? An iPad 2 has been given to each of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 90 players. The iPads are loaded with playbooks, game videos as well as practice and situational videos of any NFL team.
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Does YouTube Threaten to Give Away Secrets of the NFL?


With the preseason halfway done, fantasy leagues drafting, and the Packers and Saints game nearing, NFL fans are relieved and ecstatic about the 2011 football season. Only one game was lost to the lockout, and while training camps were shortened, much of the sport has proceeded with business-as-usual. However the prevalence of social media has made some team more vigilante than ever. Read more