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Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter Authentication | Google Trends


Twitter Rolls Out Two-Factor Account Authentication (SocialTimes)
Twitter Wednesday launched a feature that will allow users to opt into two-factor account authentication on the service. Users who turn on the feature will receive an access code on their smartphone by SMS text message each time they attempt to log in to Twitter. They will be required to enter that code each time they seek to access their accounts.

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YouTube Search On Google Trends Proves Gangnam Style Really Is Dying

Gangnam Style

Psy? Who’s that? Almost as quickly as the K-Pop star rose to fame, it seems that the world has forgotten all about Psy and his massive YouTube hit, Gangnam Style. Although the video currently stands at almost 1.5 billion views on YouTube, the song is no longer heard on the radio, at parties, or in parodies and new YouTube integration in Google Trends reveals that Gangnam Style really is dying. That’s news that certainly doesn’t call for an “Oppa!”

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Google Trend Setting Can Help Break Game Creators’ Writing Block


Creativity, a gaming development trait, can sometimes be missing in action. If you are a writer, you understand how to deal with your writer’s block; run through some quick writing exercises and you are on your way. A gaming developer must go through similar ways to jump over the hurdles to finish the race strong. Google Trends can be a helpful tool to when you are down on your luck.

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