The History of Social Search from 1990 to 2013 [Infographic]

The History of Social Search

Search engines and social networks are starting to look eerily similar. Bing searches now deliver recommendations from friends as well as links, Google uses data from Google+ in its search rankings, and Facebook’s new search bar can dig up information as well as people’s names and pictures. In this timeline, researchers from the location software company Yext suggest that search has always been social, starting in 1990 with the first internet search engine. Take a look.

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Why the Internet Loves Cats [Infographic]

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 9.24.01 AM

This infographic attempts to explain the greatest mystery of the internet: why are we so obsessed with cats? It traces cat lovers all the way back to ancient Egypt and shows how Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, and numerous other unwitting pets rose to relative fame. Is it all a cat conspiracy to control the world or are the little guys really as affectionate as they seem when you’re wearing nice pants and they need a place to sit?

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From Pigeons to Twitter: The Evolution of Communication [Infographic]

twitter, social networks, social media, facebook, location, local search

Today communication is easier than it’s ever been before. If we want to get in touch with someone we can pick up the phone, send an email or message on Facebook or send our message in a 140-character tweet. A fun infographic from Mikogo Online Meetings takes a look back in time to when people relied on courier services, pigeons and even drums for communication.

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30 Years Ago: Osborne 1 — 24 Pounds of Portable Goodness


That odd looking (by 2011 standards) 24 lbs. heavy device with the tiny smartphone-sized display (5-inches) pictured here (photo courtesy of Wikipedia) is the Osborne 1. If you were alive and a gadget geek of any sort in 1981, this was the first widely available full-function consumer-grade portable computer. It cost an $1795 and came with 64KB RAM, dual floppy drives, an office software suite, and ran the CP/M operating system.
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The History of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

social media logos

Surprise, boys and girls of the 21st century, social media hasn’t been around forever! While we certainly can’t predict what the future of this cultural phenomenon will hold, we can look back at its sordid and twisting past. Viewers of the “The Social Network,” know the history of Facebook, but do you think Mark Zuckerberg and his competitors at the likes of MySpace and Twitter really started it all?

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Twitter Time Warp: Top 5 Presidential Ghosts on Twitter

Twitter is new — relatively speaking. At least, all Twitter users are new compared to legendary historical figures you read about. But history and Twitter are not incompatible; many creative social media types have found ways to make those important people who are no longer with us come alive again on the internet.

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