Social Media Newsfeed: Boston Marathon Explosions | Facebook Anti-Bullying Plea


Boston Marathon Explosions — a ‘Live-Tweeted Disaster’ (ReadWrite)
Two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon have killed two and injured more than 100, with reports constantly changing as new updates flood in. As is now par for the course, news of the disaster broke first on Twitter, and the microblogging service remains an unparalleled source of breaking news and first-hand accounts — not to mention media criticism of news outlets that jumped ahead of the facts in their reporting.

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Sphinx Simplifies Your Life, Incorporates Social Networks, Email & Media Into One Experience


These days so much of our lives is online that it can be difficult to keep track of it all. With updates on Facebook, pictures on Flickr and Picasa, videos on YouTube, messages on LinkedIn, emails in personal accounts, work accounts, Google+ requests, tweets, music streams and more…it can get pretty overwhelming! That’s where Sphinx steps in.

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Have You Tried the New Google Maps Cube Game?

google cube game

Remember that old game, labyrinth, where you guided a marble through a wooden maze by tilting the game itself?  How about the old Marble Madness Nintendo game?  I was a big fan of both, and that’s why it’s a treat to see Google releasing a cool new web game called Cube that uses Google Maps to create a similar game using real maps.  The game is a bit of a peacocking, meant to show the acuity of their upgraded Google Maps, but is pretty fun to play.

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Facebook Embraces Antivirus, Faces Protesters | WordPress Is a Powerhouse

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Announcing the Facebook Antivirus Marketplace (Facebook Newsroom)
We’re announcing the Antivirus Marketplace, developed with industry partners to enhance protection for people on Facebook. AllFacebook The Antivirus Marketplace features free downloads and six-month licenses from Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos and Symantec. GeekWire The social network says its URL blacklist — which aims to stop its users from accessing malicious sites from Facebook — will also now incorporate the databases of those companies. The Next Web To access the new protection tools, all you have to do is visit the Facebook Security Page and select from the options listed on the page. Read more

YouTube HTML5 Flash-less Player Works with Mobile Browsers Too (even Windows Phone)


The independent Google Operating System blog took note of the improvements to YouTube’s HTML5 player. The HTML5 interface is in an opt-in trial period that you can enter and leave at will. Once you opt-in, Adobe Flash becomes unnecessary when using a browser that supports HTML5. The question I had and answer here is: How does the YouTube HTML5 interface work with mobile browsers?

YouTube’s HTML5 Player Gets Better

The Google Operating System blog noted that YouTube HTML5 player improvements include the ability to enable annotations and captions, a contextual menu to let you copy embedding code and a video’s URL, 480p and 1080p options for WebM videos and full-screen support when using developer builds of the Firefox or Chrome browser.

The YouTube HTML5 player provides a mobile friendly interface too. This worked on the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) devices I tried with it. The mobile interface allowed giving a video a thumbs up or down (if enabled), adding to a list, sharing via Twitter, Facebook or email and deselecting high quality (HQ) mode (which is the default when available). Most importantly, full screen video viewing worked in the mobile browsers (including the Windows Phone 7.5 Internet Explorer browser). The controls you see in the second screenshot here appear when you tap the display while a video is playing.